CHANEL WANTED — A Capsule Collection Of Their Iconic Watches Feat. The CHANEL Logo

CHANEL’s timepieces are already coveted the world over, but things get even more intense with this latest capsule line of watches — and this one’s for the collectors, whether of watches or a piece of fashion history. The CHANEL WANTED series is all black, white and brilliant, choosing to shy away from last year’s electro-pop colours to focus on one major design detail: the CHANEL logo.

These six letters adorn limited edition designs of already-beloved watches — the J12, Première, Code Coco, and Boy·Friend models, as well as a collector-worthy box set of six J12 watches. The collection is currently available at CHANEL boutiques.

It’s a lot of fun too. CHANEL’s take on logomania sees the letters boldly splashed out across the dial and onto the bezel; featured prominently, unmissable really, on leather bracelet straps; and done like pendant charms that swing freely at the wrist. Basically, there’s nothing subtle about their graphic approach, and we’re here for it.

Ahead, a look at how each of these signature watches embody the CHANEL logo.


A perennial favourite, the J12 WANTED DE CHANEL is available in either a glossy black 38mm model, or a 33mm one in white. Either way, these sport graphic elements across both the dial and bezel, on highly-resistant ceramic and steel cases.

The most subtle of the two would be the version in black, where we see a dial completely free of embellishment, save for the six iconic letters of ‘CHANEL’ in white on black, stretching across the dial and towards the edge of the bezel for maximum impact. The J12 in white, on the other hand, features a filigree of rhodium-plated logos artfully arranged; again, the design overlaps right onto the bezel.



The bracelet design of the Première lends itself well to this particular aesthetic, where we have the six pendant letters of ‘CHANEL’ dangling like charms off the steel chain bracelet, creating plenty of movement and energy. Just like how the watch interlaces metal with black leather, by now a celebrated CHANEL motif, the letter-charms are also done in steel and black lacquer to match.



Sleek and with a minimalist silhouette, the boxy Boy·Friend is given some 90s flair, first with a pixelated design on the black-lacquered dial, then six steel letters riveted onto the leather strap, with ‘CHA’ on one side and ‘NEL’ on the other.



Perhaps the most graphic-looking of the bunch, the Code Coco is buzzing with attitude, thanks to the six iconic letters, treated in palladium, and punctuated on its leather strap. All the other rock ‘n’ roll details we love about the timepiece are retained here, particularly the embossed calfskin strap alongside the silver trim, and a princess-cut diamond on the dial.



Talk about highly wanted, this one’s a set of six J12 38mm watches done in various tone-on-tone matte black styles —the only slightly shiny finish would be those CHANEL letters, still in black though, and a diamond set onto the crown of each watch. They’re also equipped with the Caliber 12.1. set with 34 brilliant-cut diamonds. We’re told that these J12 watches can be sold separately as well, but you know, all of them in a black-lacquered wood box would be nice.


CHANEL WANTED collection, available at CHANEL boutiques. More info at CHANEL.COM.