CHARLES & KEITH Collaborates With Spanish Artist Coco Capitán For Some Thought-Provoking Accessories

Part whimsical, part stylish, and fully thought-evoking. That’s how we’d describe CHARLES & KEITH’s latest collaboration with Spanish-born artist and photographer Coco Capitán, known for poetic musings and slogans written in her distinctive scrawled handwriting.

Having previously collaborated with Gucci for their “Art Wall” mural project in New York and Milan, as well as several high-profile art exhibitions around the world, you’ll now find the artist’s unique point-of-view across two CHARLES & KEITH designs — a top handle tote bag, and a pair of chunky loafers, launching this July.

As you can tell, these are androgynous accessories, particularly chosen to serve as blank canvases for Capitán’s art, while still bearing the touch of elegance we love about the fashion brand.

The collection comes inspired by the child-like innocence of the “He loves me, he loves me not” game, you know, where we used to wait with bated breath while anticipating the results of our petal picking, which explains the sprays of blue daisies across the items.

Both the bag and the shoes feature uneven contrast stitching that give each piece a unique whimsical feel, as if they’re specially personalised for the wearer.

“My art is inspired by overheard conversations, diary entries, and sudden waves of introspection. I believe that words can transcend cultures and give us a glimmer of hope for brighter times,” said Capitán.

To evoke that sentiment, CHARLES & KEITH has adorned their signature Perline Penny Loafers with Capitán’s handwritten prose “Loves Me Blue, Love Me Blue Not”, a cute take on the childhood game.

The Double Handle Sculptural Tote Bag, on the other hand, features a thought-provoking and “hopeful tale of a solitary blue flower blooming through concrete”, embroidered on the back of the tote, meant to inspire, and perhaps, stir up meaningful conversations. We’ll take them both, please.

Double Handle Sculptural Tote Bag.
Perline Penny Loafers.


The CHARLES & KEITH x Coco Capitán collection, available from 13 july 2022 at selected CHARLES & KEITH boutiques and on