Review: Is the Omnidesk Ascent WildWood+ and HÅG Capisco Chair worth the investment?

Standing desks seem to be everywhere these days (even Ikea has their own version of it), and one of the original brands to champion this trend, is Omnidesk. While considering getting an Omnidesk to upgrade my WFH space, I asked a friend who owns one for her opinion. Apart from having “no regrets”, she had this to say: “Congratulate yourself on choosing Omnidesk. I know people who tried to skimp and buy cheaper brands. They were so dissatisfied. Made me extra affirmed with my decision.” That pretty much sealed it for me and I decided on their newest model, the Omnidesk Ascent.

Above: the omnidesk ascent wildwood+ and HÅG Capisco Puls 8020 Chair.


The Ascent comes in four versions (Standard, Eco, WildWood and WildWood+). I chose the WildWood+ model in Pheasantwood; it’s a rare species of hardwood that has contrasting black and golden streaks, with defined patterns. It’s a gorgeous tabletop, and I love that the edge isn’t perfectly straight — it’s rounded to a smooth, comfortable and safe finish. There are no dangerous sharp corners here. It also doesn’t chip easily when I accidentally bump my chair into it. It’s a solid piece of wood that’s carved beautifully.

Above: the gorgeous pheasantwood finish and smooth edge of the desk.


My day job as an Editor and Photographer requires me to deal with heaps of press releases and review products, so I truly appreciate the large size that this table comes in (the largest table top option is 183cm long). I can use part of the table as a backdrop to my product shoots, plus as I said before, the Pheasantwood finish is stunning. After weeks of using this large tabletop, I find myself adding to it and sectioning it out for different uses; for example, creating a vanity corner.

Above: I created a vanity corner on one side of the desk.

The best function of this table is obviously its ability to change the height, and this makes so much sense for my work; I can lower the table to do comfortable top-down product shots, or increase its height for straight-on pics against the wall for comfortable shots.

Adjusting the height of this desk is extremely easy and the mechanics feel smooth and steady. The Desk Controller includes up and down buttons, and four numbered buttons for memory presets. There’s also an anti-collision function that will stop the table movement if it senses something is in the way, such as a playful child hiding below the table. Speaking of which, there’s a lock function that I’ve been using to prevent the kids from playing with the Desk Controller.

Above: The omnidesk controller is sleek and discreet. It can be positioned on either the left or right side of the table.

I downloaded the Omnidesk Life app for even more controls and analytics; I can set a reminder to stand, track the time I’ve spent standing, customise the brightness and light colour of the controller, and set height limits so the desk doesn’t go beyond a designated height (for example, if I decide to have shelves on the wall, or drawers below the desk).


The accessories available from Omnidesk are pretty standard but necessary to get the best experience out of this desk. The must-haves are the lockable castors, the Zen cable management pack that includes a cable management bar (I can’t live without this), the Arka desk riser (especially useful if you have a freestanding monitor), and the Hestia desktop organiser — a modular bracket system that can be customised and expanded for even more storage solutions.

Above: The HESTIA desktop organiser, Cololight Strip and ARKA desk riser.

Above: The HESTIA desktop organiser.

Above: The ARKA desk riser is the most useful and necessary of all the accessories on my table; it gives me extra tabletop area to neatly arrange all the things i want and need on my table.

Above: under the desk is the ADVANCED CABLE MANAGEMENT BAR that keeps all of my many cables nice and neat, organised, and out of sight. It comes in black or white — i chose white to blend in with the white wall so it’s even more discreet.

To accompany this incredible desk, I paired it with the HÅG Capisco Puls 8020 Chair by Scandinavian company, Flokk. The chair’s design is iconic, while the brand’s history goes all the way back to 1943, and is one of the founder brands of Scandinavian Business Seating.

The HÅG Capisco’s design is inspired by a horseback rider’s posture and saddle. This chair’s unique shape helps maintain the body’s natural posture, and so sitting and working in it for hours is very comfortable. The full fabric seat is firm yet still cushy, while the backrest provides good support when leaning back on it. I really love how the design serves its functional purpose while still being kept minimal and simple, unlike bulky desk chairs.

Above: The sleek and minimal design of the HÅG Capisco Puls 8020 chair in all black.

The most interesting thing about this chair design is the ability to sit on it in various positions. You can sit facing forward, facing the side, or facing back, which all feel very natural to do, considering humans are fidgety and it’s good to move and not sit in one position for too long.

Above: Back of the chair.

And when used with a standing table like the Omnidesk Ascent, I can easily increase the chair’s height to a semi-sitting/standing position so I’m perching on the seat yet stretching my legs.

On Omnidesk’s website, there are many versions of the HÅG Capisco, and in various colour combinations; so you’ll easily find one that you like. But more importantly, this chair is going to last you a good many years so it’s an investment worth making. You’ll love its compact size and how comfortable it is.


I’ve spent a month with the Omnidesk Ascent and HÅG Capisco Puls 8020 and I love them both. My desk space is organised, which makes me more focused and happier. They are worth the investment because these really are premium products that will last a lifetime (or until your next upgrade when Omnidesk launches new models).

Above: the omnidesk ascent wildwood+ and HÅG Capisco Puls 8020 Chair.


The Omnidesk Ascent starts from $850, available at The HÅG Capisco chair starts from $1,099 for the HÅG CAPISCO PULS 8020 model (shown here in black).