The HEYTEA x FRGMT Series Of All-Black Merchandise Will Be Dropping In Stores Soon

If you know your streetwear and sneakers, then Hiroshi Fujiwara should be a familiar, and celebrated, name. Known as the “godfather of streetwear”, the Japanese designer helms design label Fragment, known for imparting their iconic thunderbolt logo countless cool collabs with Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Off White, Nintendo, and even the Pokemon Company.

Most recently, Fujiwara has put his iconic stamp on a “Black TEA” collaboration with beverage brand HEYTEA, complete with a limited edition HEYTEA x FRGMT drink, and a full range of designer merchandise such as all-black cups, takeaway bags, reusable bugs and more.


The collection’s limited edition drink, the Strawberry Mulberry-Noir Tea ($5.90), was launched 15 June across HEYTEA stores in Singapore, and arrived in stylised packaging that includes a FRGMT-style black cup, lid, straw, and takeaway bag.

Most famous for their bubble tea and cheese tea offerings, HEYTEA has created an intriguing drink that combines fresh strawberries with the sweet-yet-tart mulberries — chosen for its black juice — with a green jasmine tea base. The result is a refreshing beverage of balanced sweet, zingy and fragrant notes.


As for the collectible merchandise, HEYTEA has chosen to launch them separately, from 3 July at HEYTEA outlets. These are two key sets available — a tumbler set and a teacup set, which are specially designed for this collaboration.

First up, the HEYTEA x FRGMT Inspiration Tumbler Set ($99) consists of a 330ml insulated tumbler inspired by the natural texture of tea dregs, where each tumbler comes with its own unique textured finish. It’s also accompanied by a bucket bag, a zipped sling bag design, that can hold the reusable tumbler while you’re out and about.

Then, there’s the HEYTEA x FRGMT Inspiration Teacup Set ($149), a creation that marks Fujiwara’s first Chinese teacup set creation. It comes with a textured black ceramic teacup made using tea dregs, which fits into a larger boba-inspired diffuser cup that allows you to create the perfect zen-like ambience as you’re sipping your tea.


HEYTEA X FRGMT collection.  The Strawberry Mulberry-Noir Tea, $5.90, available now till 31 July 2022.
HEYTEA x FRGMT Inspiration Tumbler Set, $99. Available at both the HEYTEA Orchard and Marina Bay Sands stores.
HEYTEA x FRGMT Inspiration Teacup Set, $149. Available only at the HEYTEA Orchard store.