Levi’s® Launches Two Limited Edition Collections — One In Collaboration With Denim Tears, And Another With Naomi Osaka

Denim jeans are always staples in our wardrobes, so it’s always hard to say no when new styles roll around — especially with the two new collections announced by Levi’s®. Coincidentally, these both happen to be part twos of their work with past collaborators.

One is a conceptual collection by Tremaine Emory, founder of Denim Tears and Creative Director of Supreme, who has imbued meaning into his indigo-dyed capsule pieces. And the other, a fun, personality-filled denim collection by renowned professional tennis player, Naomi Osaka. Take a look at these stunning interpretations of Levi’s® classics, ahead.

Levi’s® x Denim Tears

With so much expectation riding on anything Tremaine Emory does, we’re betting denim collectors can’t wait to get their hands on his latest masterpieces. This collaboration is part of a two-year partnership with Levi’s®, and features the brand’s iconic 501® Jean, a Type II Trucker and Plantation Hat with an all-over print of indigo-dyed hands on white denim.

More than that, the multi-hyphenate fashion designer, musician and artist aims to make a statement. His pieces often reflect upon America’s troubled past with race and injustice, particularly the relationship between fashion and the history of the African Diaspora in America, and here, it’s the story of the Gullah Geechee people.

These descendants of Africans were formerly enslaved on the plantations of the lower American Atlantic coast, a region known for its production of indigo. Thus, the colours and prints used in the collection are meant to reflect the indigo dyeing process and the hardships they’ve had to endure, with the handprints symbolising how their hands would turn blue after working with the indigo dye.

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The collection launches in Singapore, with only very limited pieces available for the three designs you see here. As with all Levi’s® collaborations, there are co-branded elements on each denim piece unique to the collections.

We’ve got a special Red Tab featuring “Tears” on the back of the Tab, with “Levi’s®” stitched in white on the front, as well as a special Levi’s® x Denim Tears backpatch combining the classic Two-Horse pull logo along with a “Denim Tears” floral print logo.

The Levi’s® x Denim Tears collection, available from 28 July 2022 exclusively online at levi.com.sg.


Levi’s® x Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka’s laidback, off-the-court style seems to be a lot more playful than she lets on, a spirit that’s perfectly encapsulated with her “flower bear” logo that’s “ferocious like a bear, gentle like a flower”. This is clearly an aura that Levi’s® adores, since she has returned for a collection of five new Spring/Summer 2022 denim pieces.

“I wanted to keep this collection fun and playful, and also include some pieces for everyone. I was trying to bring some light-heartedness with this collection as a reminder for us all to enjoy the life we’re living and not take things too seriously,” says Osaka.

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Based on original sketches by Naomi, these feature contrasting denim washes and interesting plays on proportion that are unlike the more classic Levi’s® pieces. For one, there’s a Mermaid Skirt that sees ruffled denim cascading down an asymmetrical hemline, certainly a unique profile. Then, there’s a Denim Halter Top in light-wash denim, and a mid-length Artist Coat that ends near the knees, with details such as big patch pockets and an oversized drop-shoulder cut.

If you’re going for a sleeker style, the Zip Bomber Jacket, with its elasticated cuffs and hem, and cropped style, is an undeniably cool silhouette to wear atop the ’93 Naomi Jean, based off of a men’s 501® Jean for a slouchy fit. Both of these feature a laser-print of Naomi’s flower-bear logo, at the bottom half of the jacket, and on the right side of the jeans.

The Levi’s® x Naomi Osaka collection, available online at levi.com.sg.