Louis Vuitton’s Vanity Mahjong Trunk knows just how much we love our game

I can’t imagine many mahjong players carrying their sets around. Once you have your group of kakis, the person hosting will confirm plus chop have a (well-used) mahjong set at home. Nonetheless, for the super rich tai tai who reeeeally wants to show off and show up her other rich friends (think the cast of Bling Empire), there’s always Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton presents a new version of the Vanity Mahjong, which follows through with the brand’s rich heritage in crafting the finest trunks. This latest version is inspired by the brand’s first Mahjong sets introduced in the 1950s, and features six pine green compartments that house 149 artisanally-decorated tiles handcrafted from walnut wood, with some engraved with Louis Vuitton’s Monogram flowers. And as expected, the case is extremely chio. 

Check out all the pics below.

Available in stores from August 2022.