The New G-SHOCK Gold Chain Arrives With A Patterned Dial And Additional Watch Bands

A watch is often a key indicator of one’s taste, and if that’s the case, this new G-SHOCK ought to impress. Serving plenty of drip, the G-SHOCK Gold Chain DWE-5600HG-1DR is a gold and black design inspired by hip-hop culture, with a chain pattern right on the dial. This distinct pattern is made to be metallic, just like the gold watch band and bezel, such that it shows up only when the light hits it right.

Furthermore, the watch arrives with two colour replacement bands and bezels that you can easily switch up to match your outfits. A black design is sleek and understated, while a semi-transparent band and bezel feel incredibly modern, futuristic even.

The shock-resistant watch also features a couple of standard G-SHOCK functions, such as an EL backlight to read time in a dark place and 200-meter water resistance, as well as a stopwatch and a countdown timer.


The G-SHOCK Gold Chain DWE-5600HG-1DR will be available at G-SHOCK from 15 July 2022 for CASIO ID members.