CHANEL goes tone-on-tone for their Fall-Winter 2022 Makeup Collection

CHANEL’s Fall-Winter 2022 Makeup Collection includes lip and nail colours that coordinate perfectly with the shades of the brand’s ULTRA LE TEINT Fluid foundation. This tone-on-tone look is both sophisticated and bold, yet it’s very versatile and flattering. Every shade was also designed with a rosy or golden undertone that are each suited for a different makeup effect. The golden shades give off a luminous glow, while the rosy shades appear fresh. Check out the campaign looks below.

Rouge Allure is a luminous, satiny, long-lasting lipstick with an ultra=fine texture that melts onto lips, and wears like a second skin. While Le Venis is a protective nail polish that offers a dazzling, long-lasting and ultra-shiny lacquered result.

The colours featuring a rosy undertone include:

Above From left to right: Rouge Allure, $56 each
194 Sensibilité (a tender pink)
195 Mise à Nu (a soft beige)
196 À demi-mot (a rosy beige)
198 Nuance (a brownish rosewood)
199 Inattendu (a mauve brown)
204 Sensation (a chocolate plum)

Above From left to right: le vernis, $43 each
937 Harmonie (a sandy pink)
939 Singularité (a light powder pink)
941 Spontané (a dusty apricot)
943 Énigme (a rosewood)
945 Émotion (a brownish rosewood)
947 Désir (a brownish aubergine)

The colours featuring a golden undertone include:

Above From left to right: Rouge Allure, $56 each
206 Illusion (a warm beige)
209 Alter Ego (a hazelnut brown)
211 Subtile (a reddish beige)
212 Caractère (a chestnut brown)
214 Instinct (a golden chocolate brown)
215 Dilemme (an ebony)

Above From left to right: le vernis, $43 each
949 Dénudé (a transparent beige)
951 Originel (a latte-colored beige)
953 Essentiel (a caramel beige)
955 Inspiration (a caramel)
957 Impulsion (a light chocolate brown)
959 Infinité (a dark chocolate brown)

The Chanel Fall-Winter makeup collection 2022, les accords de chanel is available online at SG-ESHOP.CHANEL.COM. All photos courtesy CHANEL Beauty.