‘Drag Qabaret’ Joins Singapore’s Roster Of Live Drag Shows, With Famous Drag Queens, Live Singing And More

Drag shows in Singapore have been gaining momentum in recent years, thanks to the tremendous success of Rupaul’s Drag Race, and why ever not? We’ve got serious performers who are willing to commit to the craft, and willing audiences who appreciate the freedom of expression and cheeky live entertainment, or are simply in for a fun time — fact, it never gets boring when a drag queen’s around.

Enter, DRAG QABARET, this city’s latest drag show, which combines a star-studded line-up of gorgeous queens, comedic banter, and live singing! ‘QABARET: Repeal Yourself‘ will be held at the Projector X: Riverside on 26 August, 10pm, featuring performers Victoria Wondersnatch, Vanda Miss Joaquim, Clem De La Creme and more.

Image from: Drag Qabaret, July 2022.
Image from: Drag Qabaret, July 2022.

In case you’re wondering: yes, live singing. Those familiar with the drag world wouldn’t typically associate it with drag performances — it is “lip sync for your life” after all — but we’re told that it’s an essential and unique element in the show.

Helmed by drag queen Victoria Wondersnatch, a self-professed musical theatre nerd, she tells us that the show’s format is inspired by piano bars in New York City, such as 54 Below, Birdland and the Duplex, famous cabaret or jazz clubs that delight in crowd sing-alongs. “I think it’s a form of entertainment that is not seen in Singapore at the moment, and of course, there is drag, and all live singing!”

Victoria Wondersnatched serving looks with this NDP-inspired look. More details on her outfit, here.

The first instalment of DRAG QABARET was held at Laughing Juice earlier in July, with a meaningful cause to raise funds for charity; the show ended up raising $20,000 for the Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM) Program at Action for AIDS. Spurred on by its success, the performers then decided to make the show a monthly affair, while focusing on a particular theme each time.

The upcoming ‘QABARET: Repeal Yourself’ is the first in their line-up of themed drag shows, where they aim to tackle LGBTQ issues and pop culture in the midst of live singing and rambunctious entertainment, for “a show full of empowering and very gay songs to entertain”, says Wondersnatch. To up the ante of the live show factor, there will also be an open mike session where guests can come up on stage to sing their hearts out, followed by a dance party led by DJ Jack T who will spin songs of empowerment.

In fact, this couldn’t come at a more timely moment as Singapore is set to repeal Section 377A, a law that criminalises sex between men, which has been a contentious issue within the LGBTQ community in Singapore. We don’t yet know how the drag queens will adapt their performance in light of this recent news — but that should give us more reason to get our tickets to find out!

Image from: Wondersnatch’d, Dec 2018.
Image from: OktoberSNATCH, Oct 2019.

Here’s the full line-up of performers, and a little of what they’re known for:

  • VICTORIA WONDERSNATCH — musical theatre nerd and drag enthusiast, she will wondersnatch your wigs with outrageous looks, fantastic banter and comedy all night!
  • VANDA MISS JOAQUIM — Singapore’s star entry into Drag Race Thailand Season 2, and mother of the House of Miss Joaquim, Vanda also sings. Hear her sing at the Qabaret!
  • CLEM DE LA CREME  — Previously known as Layona, this winner of Drag Academy Season 3 is back with a new persona and drive for drag!
  • JEREK CHIP – Musical theatre and classically trained, Jerek blends pop, jazz and Broadway into his own distinct style, which he will bring to the Qabaret stage!
  • DIQ ENVY (GABBY) — Gender-fluid, young and hopeful, Diq/Gabby is excited to join the line-up of Qabaret to show off his musical theatre chops!
  • STEPH P — Is that a Disney princess in your pocket or are you happy to see me? We are whipping out this powerhouse straight ally for this Qabaret! Come hear her amazing vocals!


QABARET: Repeal Yourself will be held at the Projector X: Riverside on 26 August 2022, 10pm. Tickets sold separately or bundled, get your tickets here.

Look out for the next show, a jazz-themed one, set to be on 28 September!