How To Nail Juicy And Full-Looking Nude Lips With These Lip Liner Hacks

I’ve always struggled with finding a use for lip liners β€” until TikTok. If you’ve been on the social media app, you’ll know how eerily accurate their algorithm is, so of course we get pushed beauty content all the time. Not that we’re complaining, of course. From foundation hacks to skincare recommendations, there’s a plethora of user-generated content out there for us to discover. The latest tried-and-tested makeup tip? Brown lip liners.

Yes, we’re well-aware that this is a resurgence of the popular brown lip liner trend back in the 90s, sported by runway supermodels Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell nonetheless, though we’re now armed with modern tools.

The gist of the style involves picking a lip liner shade that’s slightly darker than your lipstick of choice, and then outlining your lips with it before filling them in with lipstick. This darker shade forms a sort of shadow and definition that makes your actual lips stand out, giving the illusion of plumper pout. A more contemporary twist, what TikTok calls Bratz Doll lips, involves applying gloss on top to really hone in on that shine.

Read on as we take you through two TikTok-popular lip liner tutorials, and recommend some of today’s best lip liners to achieve your desired look.

#1: Brown Lip Liner β€” for juicy, plump lips


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This beginner-friendly tutorial starts with a brown lip liner or eyebrow pencil, which is used to line your lips, following their natural outline. Then, extend the shade along the outer corners on the top and bottom of the lips for a feathered effect β€” this helps to give a more blended look. After that, apply lipstick the way you normally would over your lips. If necessary, dab it outwards for a slightly softer, more blended effect.


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Alternatively, you may go over your lips with a lip gloss, both tinted or clear options are fine, or a shiny lipstick that reflects light in all the right places. This amps up the illusion of juicy and full-looking lips.

other pro tips:

Note that you don’t necessarily have to go in with a brown lip liner β€” any shade slightly darker than your lipstick can give a similar effect.

If you’re having trouble picking the right shades to use, know to choose colours within the same colour family, with similar hues. Warm beige tones go nicely with a warm brown, for instance, while reds might pair better with a brick or maroon pencil.

For those with fair skin tones, try to choose a liner only two or three shades darker than your natural skin tone as well, so it doesn’t look too stark against your skin.

#2: Eyebrow Tint As Lip Liner


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If you’re sick of your lip look smudging or fading after a couple of drinks during a night out, TikTok user Sacheu recommends a less conventional, transfer-proof lip liner hack: using eyebrow tint instead.

The entire process is quite similar to the above tutorials, where she applies the tint like a regular lip liner. The key difference, though, is that you have to leave the product on for about three minutes, before peeling the tint off and using a makeup wipe to remove some of the excess product. Then, go in with your regular nude lipstick.

Skeptics should really give the video a watch! The effect is way more subtle than expected, even if the brow tint looks harsh when first applied, though we think you’d need quite a deft hand to apply the liquid product. Sacheu says the tint lasts for two to three days.


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Now, we’re not about to leave you stranded along the Sephora aisles! Here are some of the best lip liners to get, and their recommended shades as well so you can get started on the makeup hack. Of these, Rare Beauty’s Kind Words collection of lipsticks and lip liners are the latest hot makeup product, worn and dreamt up by Selena Gomez herself, while we find the lipstick-to-lip-liner chart from Anastasia Beverly Hills particularly useful when selecting matching shades.