Japan’s No.1 Skincare Brand, ELIXIR, Opens Its First-Ever Boutique Flagship Store In Singapore

If you’re wondering how Japanese women maintain their youthful and radiant skin, this is it. Achieving the distinction of being Japan’s top-ranking skincare brand, for 15 consecutive years, ELIXIR is a beloved household name under the Shiseido Group, with award-winning products that specialise in anti-ageing skincare and what they call “Pearl Glow Skin”. This is achieved by ELIXIR’s 39 years of collagen research that helps increase collagen in the skin, and refers to beautiful skin that is bouncy, translucent and moisturised. With this, a natural glow from within can be achieved.

Available across Asia and in the travel retail market, the brand has also recently opened their first boutique store in Singapore, at Takashimaya Shopping Centre — so, of course, we had to check it out for ourselves! Based on our visit to the new space, we can vouch that this one’s a beautifully-designed boutique and an experiential space that helps us better understand the brand and their products.


First, a little bit about ELIXIR. The beauty brand was established in 1983 in Japan, and became known for their expertise in anti-ageing skincare. In fact, they can boast of maintaining the title of the top sales ranking in Japan for 15 consecutive years, which is quite the achievement, since Japanese consumers are known for demanding high-quality products; clearly, there’s a reason why they are so fond of the brand.

One key claim of ELIXIR’s skincare products is how they help achieve tsuyadama, or Pearl Glow Skin. In order to promise this, their products are backed by 39 years of collagen research, thus ensuring that all ELIXIR formulas help to increase collagen in the skin. This in turn increases skin elasticity and translucency, which then allows light to be reflected multiple times on your cheeks to create a radiant, natural glow — an effect that the Japanese refer to as “Pearl Glow Skin”.


At first glance, you’ll find that the boutique store is a sight to behold, full of soft light, pearlescent textures, as well as a champagne colour palette and gold accents that bring out the luxurious feel of ELIXIR’s skincare products. I was most impressed by the light fixture in the middle of the store, of glowing light balls suspended from the ceiling, which, as one of the beauty consultants mentioned, was inspired by their promise of “Pearl Glow Skin”. How apt!

Then, there’s the centrepiece of the store, or what they call the ‘Best of ELIXIR Bay‘, a circular display that features all of ELIXIR’s popular products, and a chance for you to get acquainted with and test out their products. Just beside it is a Top-Rated Wall as well, where their Top 5 bestselling items are on display, including the Design Time Serum — but more on that later.

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The space also has a Skin Consultation Area. Here, customers are offered a complimentary skin consultation with their beauty consultants, where the machine is able to analyse one’s skin texture, age, moisture level, and Pearl Glow Skin level, for a thorough examination of your current skin conditions. From there, they’re able to best advise a beauty routine that will suit your skin needs.

ELIXIR also goes the extra mile in making us feel comfortable during the process, as the brand embodies the spirit of omotenashi, a tradition that puts the customer at the heart of everything they do. Warm Japanese tea is served to guests undergoing the personalised skin consultation, so that they may feel welcomed and at ease.

On top of that, there are two services present at the boutique. First, an Omnichannel Digital Bay, where you can shop and enjoy special deals on exclusive Lazada sets. These can be purchased online on the ELIXIR Flagship Boutique Store on LazMall via the QR Codes, while you may arrange for home delivery or self-pick up at the boutique store. Next, there’s also a Gifting Wall, where you can request to pack the skincare products into complimentary gift boxes.


Design Time Serum, $79.

If there’s just one thing you have to get from ELIXIR, it’s their Design Time Serum, a perpetual bestselling product for the brand that best showcases their expertise in anti-ageing skincare. Based on collagen research that has won the top award at the international congress for cosmetic science, the Design Time Serum is formulated with Elixir’s unique age-defying technology to help fight against sagging skin. It works by strengthening the internal network of the skin. When the skin’s network is well-developed, it is highly capable of collagen production, and this helps to boost skin’s elasticity, resulting in firm skin that looks soft and bouncy.

Superieur Enriched Wrinkle Cream, $102 ; and White Enriched Wrinkle Cream, $113.

Two other bestselling products come up top and help complement the anti-ageing effects of ELIXIR’s Design Time Serum as well — the Enriched Wrinkle Cream and the Daily UV Protector.

The first is a nifty multi-use product that can be used, not just around the eyes, but at also at other wrinkle-prone zones around the nose, mouth and forehead. It contains Active Pure Retinol used to maximise effectiveness to reduce wrinkles in 9 weeks*, approved for the first time in Japan, as an effective ingredient to help eliminate wrinkles.

Daily UV Protector, $55.

As for the Daily UV Protector, this one’s a lightweight emulsion with three multi-tasking functions: it gives long-lasting hydration, provides exceptional UV protection with SPF50+ and PA++++, and acts as the perfect primer for a seamless makeup application.


From 1 August 2022, ELIXIR is running a special promotion in-store where customers can redeem a free ELIXIR Skincare Regime Set, worth up to $44, when they purchase the brand’s bestselling Design Time Serum. Discover all these products, and meet Japan’s No.1 skincare brand, when you drop by ELIXIR’s boutique store!


ELIXIR, located at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City, #B2-11A. more information at ELIXIR.COM.SG and their instagram page.


*clinically tested on 77 women (Superieur Enriched Wrinkle Cream) and 30 women (White Enriched Wrinkle Cream).