Pokémon Air Adventures Takes Flight In Singapore, With The Pikachu Jet TR And A Special Pikachu Weekend

The Pokémon hype is still going strong, as it should, and we’ll soon get to see our favourite pocket monsters embark on new adventures in and around Singapore. Pokémon Air Adventures, an extensive project by The Pokémon Company, starts off first with a partnership with Scoot to launch the Pikachu Jet TR, followed by a series of events and activations, including a night show at Marina Bay and an upcoming Pokémon GO event. Basically, lots of exciting things that locals and regional tourists can enjoy.

Ahead, we detail the experiences you may look forward to, from the special Pokémon-themed aircraft, to the Pikachu Weekend that’s slated for November this year.

Pikachu Jet TR

Fancy boarding a flight completely decked out with your favourite Pokémon? Spot Pikachu, Pichu, Lapras, Meganium, and the mythical Celebi on the exterior of a Scoot aircraft, which marks the first time an ASEAN airline outside of Japan is launching original Pokémon-themed livery. The Pikachu Jet TR, with its custom-made design, is a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner with a capacity of 375 seats, and will make its first flight on 9 September 2022 to Tokyo, Japan.

Within the jet, you’ll find themed livery, curated Japanese-inspired inflight meals, and Pikachu-related merchandise of a lanyard, bucket hat and tote bag that will get you fully immersed into the experience. There’s even a collector’s edition of the particular aircraft model, as a souvenir for fans to relive the momentous occasion. You may purchase these during flight bookings via Scoot’s website and mobile app from 9 September, or while on the inaugural flight.

Flights onboard the Pikachu Jet TR depart bi-monthly from Changi Airport to Tokyo (Narita) and Seoul, with fare prices for one-way tickets starting from $333 for a trip to Tokyo and $231 for a trip to Seoul (inclusive of taxes). The flight routes will rotate every 2 – 3 months however, and you can keep track of that by heading over to Scoot’s flyschoot.com.

Exclusive Merchandise — Scoot x Pokémon Lanyard, Fly Away Pokémon Bag, Pikachu’s Bucket Hat.

Pikachu Weekend in Singapore

To up the excitement and make Singapore the go-to destination for all things Pokémon, a special Pikachu Weekend will be held in Singapore, from 18 to 20 November 2022. Word has it that we’ll be privy to a night show held at Marina Bay, with more details to be released closer to the date, as well as play host to “Pokémon GO Safari Zone: Singapore”, a Pokémon GO event for mobile gamers, which will be held at Gardens by the Bay.

Users who are active within the AR mobile game community can purchase a ticket and participate at the main site at Gardens by the Bay over the weekend, where they may look forward to special in-app Pokémon spawns. Maractus, for instance, will appear in the wild, and for the first time in Pokémon GO, users will be able to encounter Shiny Purrloin if they’re lucky. An exclusive event Pikachu, this time wearing a flowery purple t-shirt, will also appear in the month of November in Singapore to commemorate the occasion.


The Pikachu Jet TR will begin its inaugural flight on 9 September 2022. More information at flyscoot.com.
More information on Pokémon Air Adventures and other events, here.