The Coach ‘Coachies’ Collection Sees Fun Personalities On Leather Bags And Card Cases

Are you aware of the unique phenomenon where you start seeing faces in inanimate objects? Nope, it’s not weird at all; face pareidolia is a more common occurrence than you’d think, and if it looks like you’ve just spotted a familiar face or two on these Coach bags… rest assured, we see them too.

In fact, the Coachies collection sees limited edition Rouge 17 bags designed with various expressions and faces that reflect different personalities — which you can pick according to your mood of the day.

Sweetie, for instance, is a saccharine and loyal cutie complete with pink blush on their cheeks, Winkie is a more playful character with a flirty edge, while wide-eyed Sparkie appears to be the peppy leader of the bunch. For more subdued vibes, there’s also the free-spirited Groovie, in pine green and with belt buckles for eyes, as well as our personal favourite personality, Dreamie, who is “savvy, confident, slightly sarcastic”, droopy eyes and raised brows included.

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Love them or hate them? We can’t run away from the thought that these seem to be more affordable alternatives to the famous Hermès Kelly Doll, though the Coachies are undeniably cute. What’s more, the tote bag styles are crafted from buttery-soft glovetanned leather and their Signature Textile Jacquard, an eco-conscious material that’s made from a blend of organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles.

You’ll be able to spot classic Coach details such as the turnlocks and tassels, done with a twist — the tassels now form a swish of hair for our fun new friends, polished rivets and grommets appear on leather panels as eyes, while the zipper tab, hangtag, and key hood form hands and legs that extend from the body of the bags.

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The Coachies collection also features two other limited edition accessories: the Kira Crossbody, a sleek style with two zippered compartments that has just enough room for your everyday essentials, and Card Cases that still allow you to express your personality on your, this time, wallet.


The Coach Coachies collection, $220 – $1,600. Available at Coach stores.