“We the people of Singapore” — a photography project inspired by this year’s NDP theme of being Stronger Together!

A few days before Christmas last year, a fellow photographer and friend, Alwyn Chong shared with me his interest to take portraits of essential workers in Singapore. His hope was to do something to celebrate the front-liners who have kept Singapore going these past few years, especially those who work in the background and are unseen — both citizens and non-citizens alike. He imagined port workers, nurses, social workers, airport staff, safe entry staff and ambassadors, and those who work in logistics; all these people and more who have contributed to the community in an incredible way that most of us never really think much about.

Above: Mohamed Hanifah S/O Marricar, Senior Workshop Foreman at Tanah Merah Country Club (photographed by Alwyn Chong)

Above: Ca Huan, Operations Agent at DHL (photographed by Adele Chan)

The project was meaningful and very much in line with this year’s NDP theme of “Stronger Together, Majulah!”, so I joined him in this endeavour to showcase people in the community through our love for photography.

The photos are shown on the Instagram account, @wethepeopleofsingapore, and feature individuals across the government and private sector, shedding light on their roles in society. And in launching this project, we hope to encourage other Singaporeans to celebrate these essential workers, through nominating family members or colleagues to be featured on the account; and also to open up conversations raising awareness about what various essential workers (especially those behind the scenes) in Singapore do.

Above: Firman R Usman, Senior Enforcement Officer at LTA (photographed by Alwyn Chong)

Above: younus, construction worker (photographed by Adele chan)

Support us by following and sharing the IG account, and if you wish to work with us or contribute, you can email us at wethepeopleofsingapore@gmail.com.