IT’S REAL Bluetooth Speaker + Cassette Player Combo To Be Launched On Kickstarter

You know that Gen X friend who still has their collection of cassette tapes? Or perhaps that’s you. Well, then you’ll want this. NINM Lab has done it again and made us want something we totally don’t need. This time it’s a squarish-looking cassette player that’s mounted on a bluetooth speaker. It also includes the brand’s REAL TAPE Bluetooth 5.0 Music Transmitter Tape, which allows you to pop it in to your old boombox and turn that into a bluetooth speaker as well. It’s all very retro and lo-fi, but there’s beauty and charm in the imperfection, right? Check out the emo video and product pics below, and fund them on Kickstarter here.


Back them on Kickstarter here: BIT.LY/KICKSTARTER-ITSREAL
Kickstarter Price:HKD 768 / USD 97.85 Up
 (Save up to 35% Off)
Expected Retail Price:HKD 1180 / USD 150
*Expected delivery date for 1st Batch IT’S REAL  : Jan 2023