PRISM+ Updates Line-Up with Google TV and Their First-Ever 4K QLED Displays

As if there aren’t already enough reasons for us to love PRISM+, the homegrown brand, best known for its affordable TVs, has decided to up the ante with a refresh of its entire TV line-up, and replaced its 4K Android TV Series with Google TVs.

It also introduces QLED display technology for the first time, alongside other new features such as HDR10+ and Filmmaker Mode to redefine your viewing experience, while retaining popular features that you know and love. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect in this refreshed line-up of new PRISM+ TVs.


The PRISM+ Q-Series Ultra leads the Google TV line-up refresh as the brand’s first-ever 4K QLED TV display with three affordable models: the Q75 Ultra, Q65 Ultra, and Q55 Ultra. Utilising the power of quantum dots and microscopic molecules that enhance light and colour, the PRISM+ Q-Series Ultra promises improved colour vibrancy, brightness, and contrast and also includes improved technologies to bring you new ways to enjoy your home cinema.

Aside from the well-loved Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos features, the new series will also include HDR10+, the latest standard in HDR which allows devices to set the colour and brightness levels frame-by-frame for higher brightness levels and better contrast, as well as Filmmaker Mode which lets the device detect and support the content’s original format as it was intended by the content creators and directors.


PRISM+’s introduction of the Google TV will bring you a new interface that lets you personalise your television for better content discovery, parental control, access to apps, and increased connectivity to your network of smart home devices.

One key feature you can look out for is Google Profiles. Each individual Google Profile is tailored to your viewing behaviour and interest and recommends content across all major streaming platforms and live TV based on your preferences. Paired with the accompanying Google TV app, you will be able to customise your viewing experience by adding content and managing your watchlist on-the-go, using the app as a virtual remote to take your content wherever you go.

The built-in Google Assistant creates a seamless experience where you can find movies, stream apps, and play music, as well as control your TV and connected smart home devices with just your voice. Plus, the built-in Chromecast gives you easy access to cast from your devices directly to the TV, allowing your smart devices to communicate without hassle.

This new interface also gives parents a more creative way to enable parental control over their child’s viewing activities with the Kids Profile feature. This allows parents to restrict streaming services or content deemed inappropriate while granting the ability to monitor activities and set time limits for viewing. 



The PRISM+ Google TVs will be available from 11 November 2022 for a limited time at these launch promo prices.

Q-Series Ultra

    • Q55 Ultra: $949 (U.P. $999)
    • Q65 Ultra: $1,149 (U.P. $1,199)
    • Q75 Ultra: $1,449 (U.P. $1,499)

Q-Series PRO 2023

    • Q86 PRO 2023: $2,599 (U.P. $2,799)

Q-Series 2023

    • Q32 2023: $279 (U.P. $299)
    • Q43-QE 2023: $479 (U.P. $499)
    • Q55-QE 2023: $649 (U.P. $699)
    • Q65-QE 2023: $899 (U.P. $949)

PRISM+ Google TVs are priced from $279 and available for pre-order and purchase through the PRISM+ online store, physical retail stores and all authorised online retailers from 11 November 2022. For more information, click here.



All images courtesy of PRISM+.