RIMOWA x adidas: A Utilitarian Collection Feat. An Aluminium Backpack And NMD Sneakers

Two powerhouse German brands have come together to give us a unique capsule collection that perfectly embodies each of their brand’s modern ethos. Centred around the spirit of mobility and exploration, we’re getting RIMOWA’s first-ever aluminium backpack, complete with the sleek grooves that assure us we’re getting the top-of-the-line finish from the luggage brand, as well as a pair of NMD_S1 sneakers from sportswear giant adidas.

Both these limited edition creations are brazen in their sense of utilitarian design, with a colour palette of khaki and a lustrous shade of titanium, along with orange accents, to echo that outdoors inspiration.

The two items will be available in limited quantities from 17 November 2022, at RIMOWA stores in Singapore. Here’s a closer look at each of them:


This aluminium backpack is designed for urban travellers, or urban explorers who wish to meaningfully connect with earth’s natural landscapes — so you bet it can withstand some pretty harsh elements too, making it suitable for the outdoors and overnight trips. The RIMOWA x ADIDAS NMD_BACKPACK is sports the luggage brand’s signature grooved aluminium, as well as padded utility shoulder straps fitted with a carabiner and thumb loops alongside weight-bearing straps and grab handles to make it ultra-functional if you’re spending time hiking on trails. There’s also bungee / climbing rope inspiration across the bag’s handle and straps.

For that bit of adidas, the aluminium shell design features foam ridges inspired by the adidas Boost foam along its back portion, which overlays the backpack’s grooved surface for extra comfort, while an elasticated webbing along the middle of the backpack allows it to be easily secured on top of a suitcase. This is a flat pack design, where a detachable gusset opens to reveal two deep zipped pockets and a 16-inch laptop pocket.


Here, adidas takes one of its most iconic designs, the NMD, and gives it a futuristic outdoors colourway of titanium, khaki, and hints of orange. The RIMOWA x NMD_S1 shoe features the familiar and signature Primeknit uppers, with the flexible adidas Boost midsole in a near-transparent base colour; this is in contrast to bright orange shoelaces. You’ll also find co-branded details and a nod to their German origins on the shoe’s midsole — the coordinates of the brands’ respective headquarters in Germany, for instance, and a ‘Made in Germany’ imprint to remind the wearer of this special partnership.


The RIMOWA x ADIDAS NMD_S1 in Titanium, $380, and RIMOWA x ADIDAS NMD_BACKPACK in Titanium, $2,670, will be available in limited quantities via RIMOWA stores in Singapore.