Adorable bunny accessories from LOEWE’s Year of the Rabbit capsule collection

LOEWE releases a capsule collection for the Year of the Rabbit, which includes a small range of ready-to-wear pieces and bunny-inspired accessories like bags and charms. There are a few t-shirts and sweatshirts that will sell really well, and the rabbit bags are adorable and worth collecting if you’re into bunnies or if this is your zodiac animal.

To get a sense of the collection, you have to watch the campaign video starring actor, Tang Wei.


We’d also love to receive a giant LOEWE box at our door, but to be honest, we’re not sure what we’d do with that giant plush bunny (we wonder if Tang Wei gets to keep it after the shoot). So in the video, it rides pillion on the back of her scooter — we wouldn’t recommend this IRL… and then she hops on a bus with it (we want to know what happened to the scooter!) and hugs it all the way to her destination (smart of her to use the giant floppy ear as a blanket). It ends up in another home joining a much smaller version of itself — the LOEWE Bunny bag in shearling. We have to admit, the bag is extremely cute and we want one.

While we have so many questions about the video, the products are straightforward. The “twist” given to the bag collection is the knotting of the floppy ears at the top. It actually works well even on the Hammock bag design. We say the raffia basket, in particular, will sell out first because of its lower price point and branded design with the coveted monogram on its side.

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The Bunny candles are worth a look as well. LOEWE has incredible candle scents so we imagine these will smell great (it’s described as having notes of white chocolate, rice, caramel, cream and vanilla). Only thing is how these rabbits will burn. Do they melt inwardly and hold their outer shape? Or their face goes first and it becomes headless and the children start screaming.

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LOEWE’s Year of the Rabbit capsule collection is available in store and ONLINE at WWW.MYTHERESA.COM now.