The Longchamp x D’heygere Collection Introduces Playful Ponchos, Backpacks And Umbrellas

The Le Pliage bag is such an iconic staple at Longchamp that it’s hard to imagine it as anything else — unless you’re accessories designer Stéphanie D’heygere. Thanks to a successful partnership in 2019 that saw the launch of an all-weather poncho, the luxury French brand has decided on a second collaboration with the Belgian designer, this time with an expanded gender-neutral capsule that plays on the Le Pliage, transforming its signature tote-like structure into a series of functional, foldable accessories.


For the new Longchamp x D’heygere collection, we’re looking at two bags, an umbrella, a poncho, a rain hat and pants, sustainably made with recycled polyester and nylon, which fall under the theme of mobility and transformation. The weather-proof pants take you everywhere across the city, rain or shine, and a belt bag transforms into a backpack, just as the rain hat can be folded when stored and unfolded when put to use, much like the original Le Pliage.

Longchamp x D’heygere Travel Bag / Backpack, $510.
Longchamp x D’heygere Crossbody Bag / Backpack, $610.

As for the colour palette, there are classic shades of black, navy, white and a fuchsia pink, where each limited edition piece comes paired with a brown Russian leather flap that instantly reminds us of Longchamp. Still, D’heygere introduces a chic leopard print as well, certainly a refreshing and unexpected spin that makes this collection unique.

Another key point would be the collection’s universality. “I regard the gender-free aspect of the collection as a particular success: the cuts and the details are neither feminine nor masculine, and the sizes go from S to XL,” she elaborates.

Longchamp x D’heygere Crossbody Bag / Backpack, $610.

One of these hybrid reinventions includes a roomy crossbody bag that transforms into a tall backpack by opening its upper pocket, completely changing the silhouette of the accessory. There’s also a travel bag in the familiar Le Pliage silhouette that can be worn three ways — it sports a short strap when carried by hand, while you may also use the two straps to wear it like a backpack; these, however, can be further adjusted such that you have an elongated strap that allows the bag to be slung across the shoulders.

Longchamp x D’heygere Poncho, $630 ; Rain Hat, $430.
Longchamp x D’heygere Umbrella, $295..


Longchamp x D’heygere, available at Longchamp boutiques and online