Dyson launches a new two-in-one Flyaway Smoother attachment for a salon style finish

Dyson’s best-selling Supersonic hair dryer has a new two-in-one Flyaway Smoother attachment that creates smooth, smooth hair — what every Singaporean wants. Here’s what it looks like (it can twist up and down):

And when attached to the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer:

This attachment mimics what a professional hair stylist would do in a salon to finish off hair; they would typically use a hair dryer with a concentrated nozzle and a round brush to bury flyaways into the hair. It’s no doubt challenging to replicate this by yourself at home, especially for hair at the back of the head; so Dyson cleverly engineered an attachment specifically for this purpose.

The Flyaway Smoother is the first brush attachment made for the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, and it’s inspired by the multi-styler brush attachments from the brand’s famous Airwrap.

It uses the Coanda effect to tuck stray hair and flyaways under longer hair, which results in a smoother, shinier and neater-looking mane. The built-in brush simultaneously helps to comb down hair in the same way a salon professional would, making it easy to style hair with just this one attachment.

You can find the new Flyaway Smoother attachment within the box of new Dyson Supersonic machines purchased from 13 April 2023, with the machines available in four colour combinations: Black/Nickel, Iron/Fuchsia, Nickel/Copper and Prussian blue/Rich copper (this last one is a Dyson direct exclusive that comes with a Prussian blue Presentation case).

For existing Dyson Supersonic users, the new attachment will also be available as an individual standalone purchase at a later date, and it’s fully compatible with all Dyson Supersonic models.

The new Flyaway Smoother attachment is within the box of new machines (priced at $699) purchased from 13 April 2023.