Polaroid I-2 is the brand’s sharpest-ever lens and first analog instant camera with built-in manual controls

Everyone loves an instant photo. It comes out immediately, blurs all our imperfections, and just looks cool. And Polaroid, the original instant camera, has just come up with their most advanced (and expensive) model yet, the I-2. This is a fully manual device where you can tweak aperture, shutter speed, create multiple exposure pictures, and set a timer. And yes, don’t worry, there’s auto mode.


This model is not cheap. At $1,198, it’s almost five times the price of a Polaroid Now+ instant camera. But it’s also Polaroid’s sharpest-ever lens, and offers full control over your settings.

Above: The Polaroid I-2 has hints of retro styling, while still retaining modern curves.

Above: on the top, there’s a control wheel for manually adjusting exposure.

On the camera, there’s an external display to see and select what mode you’re on, and you can connect this to Polaroid’s app to set and control the camera digitally through your phone.

Above: the external display is small but good enough to see the info you need, including mode, battery life and number of pieces of film left.

Polaroid says this camera is designed for craft — and that it is; this is for all the manual photographers out there who can take one look at the scene before them, and know what adjustments to make. To fully make use of and appreciate the camera, you need to know how to adjust and play with aperture and shutter speeds; if you’re just going to shoot on auto mode, you’d be better off saving money and getting the Polaroid Now+.

Above: It has a rechargeable battery and works with Polaroid I-Type, 600 and SX-70 film, which is widely available.

I took some pics at home and while out with friends, and was pleasantly surprised by the results. Have a look:

Above: the first picture i took was of my work desk. It exposed nicely after 15 minutes of leaving it alone in the dark. The photo is clear and full of detail.

Above: here are some scenes from home. it doesn’t matter which angle i shoot; polaroid photos always develop full of character.

Above: Here’s an example of over- and under-exposed photos. I was out with friends and experimented with the aperture and shutter speed settings. It takes some figuring out to get the look you want, but nonetheless, every photo still comes out very pleasing.

The big takeaway for me is that this Polaroid has a nice and sharp lens, and is really fun to play with. It’s also a conversation starter; when I whip this out of the bag, everyone wants to see it. But it’s really when we take a look at the price that we all balk; it’s definitely a premium for an instant camera, and only the true Polaroid fan and collector would immediately fork out over a thousand for this device. But let’s not kid ourselves — we all want one.

The Polaroid I-2 is priced at $1,198 and available at ostsome.com.