Le Regard Hermès: An Entire Eye Makeup Collection With Eyeshadow Palettes, Mascara & Tools

We’ve got the most exquisite lipsticks, silky blushes, and lightweight tinted balms and powders. What can Hermès Beauty possibly be showing us next? It seems like they’ve got their eye on vibrant colour, as the luxury brand introduces an eye makeup range of eyeshadow palettes, coloured mascara, accompanying brushes, and an eyelash curler.

This latest chapter takes on the Pierre Hardy-designed packaging of lacquered white against brushed gold marked with the Hermès ex-libris, in line with the other beautiful objects by the House. The eyeshadow palettes, in particular, are made to be refillable, each with four shades arranged in a graphic style with echoes of the distinctive Bauhaus aesthetic.

Dreamt up by Gregoris Pyrpylis, creative director of Hermès Beauty, his desire is to highlight another facet of feminine beauty: the eyes. At once expressive and mysterious, we’re encouraged to explore the collection at our own pace, starting with the eyeshadows that are made to be easy to apply, with bold options to build up on intensity and colour.

The series of Ombres d’Hermès Eyeshadows consist of six silk powder eyeshadows, each a curated harmony of three colours of graduated intensity, followed by a stronger, creative accent. In fact, we need only to look at their shapes for a hint of their function — the two squares are dedicated to colours, one neutral and the other dark, while the two circles hold the surprise shade and a hint of light.

These satin, matte, and shimmer finishes are inspired by Hermès silk scarves as well, from the radiant silk lamé that informs the accents of light, to the soft silk twill. The eye palettes are all refillable, made of powders with 72% to 98% natural-origin ingredients. In compact white and gold disc packaging, similar to the Rose Hermès and Hermès Plein Air objects, they open to reveal a full-sized mirror, and arrive in a canvas drawstring pouch, accompanied by an applicator brush, in an orange box.

Here are the six shades:

  • 01 Ombres Pétales — A graceful palette with a poetic floral heritage accentuated by the sultry innocence of shades of pink and plum.
  • 02 Ombres Végétales — Green foliage with an iridescent shimmer, an illuminated garden abundant with nature.
  • 03 Ombres Fauves — Amber notes that recall a silky fabric punctuated ephemeral orange, like with a dazzling and autumn sunlight.
  • 04 Ombres Marines — An intense blue full of dense and mysterious tones, like glimpses of the ocean.
  • 05 Ombres Fumées — Stormy shades tinged with a cool light. A dark presence with celestial accents.
  • 06 Ombres Mordorées — A golden, light-filled horizon with hints of bronze, like the glowing embers of autumn.

Also part of the Le Regard Hermès collection is a series of six Trait d’Hermès Mascaras, in deep and daring shades that portray the House’s unique approach to colour. From the mysterious aura of Noir Fusain, bronzed tones of Brun Bistre and cherry-brown interpretation of Rouge H, to the hazy tones of Violet Indigo, the formula is, once again, made easy to apply, giving weightless volume and length to our lashes.

A look at the composition of its ingredients tell us that it’s a gentle formula of 97% natural-origin ingredients, and ones that aim to strengthen and fortify our lashes too, including millet seed, moringa butter, shea butter, and white mulberry extract. Its slender packaging is engraved with the concave ex-libris on its metal cap, while the ultra-fine wand is made with plant fibres derived from the castor bean, where its shape forms a subtle H.

Then, there are the makeup tools. An eyebrow brush is created to tame and define lashes and brows; the L’ombreur sweeps on and layers colour across the eyelid, and offers an intense colour effect when used on its flat side; the fluffy L’estompeur is ideal for blending and creating a diffused effect; and there’s also an eyeliner brush designed for precision.

To open up the eyes, we’re turning to the Courbe-cils, a beautifully-designed Hermès eyelash curler, which fixes the natural curl of the lashes. The satin-finish black metal object is accented with a grey-blue silicone pad that sits beneath the golden handle with its tone-on-tone Hermès signature, and comes with two replacement pads in different colours.

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Le Regard Hermès will be available from 15th October 2023, at Hermès Liat Towers, Hermès Marina Bay Sands, Hermès Takashimaya, Takashimaya Department Store, Tangs Department Store and Hermes.com.