Balenciaga opens a Souvenir Shop online selling $600 thong sandals

In the context of summertime and the large number of tourists in Paris, Balenciaga has created a Souvenir Shop to showcase products that take inspiration from items sold in souvenir stands on Parisian streets.

Typical Paris tourist merchandise like mugs, t-shirts, porcelain tumblers, magnets, keyrings, and snow globes now bear the Balenciaga stamp as an ode to the city, as well as the Eiffel Tower and a version of a French street sign. With this collection, these pedestrian objects are reinterpreted and presented in new context, and will be available in selected Balenciaga stores and online at

These items are for the die-hard Balenciaga and Demna fans who are willing to fork out $600 for market thong sandals or $136 for a set of postcards. We think the small Explorer Pouch is pretty cute, but its price tag at $1,150 isn’t. If you’re still pondering over the purpose and meaning of all of this, it really comes down to IYKYK.

See a selection below and shop at the website.

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from now until September 23rd, 2024, a screen window installation will be added to the Balenciaga Saint Honoré storefront to launch a series of collectables available in selected stores.
Shop Balenciaga’s SOUVENIR SHOP online at BALENCIAGA.COM.