LOEWE partners with Jonathan Bailey for a special edition tee to celebrate ‘The Shameless Fund’

LOEWE partners with actor Jonathan Bailey of Bridgerton fame, to release a special edition ‘Drink Your Milk’ T-shirt to celebrate the launch of Bailey’s new foundation, The Shameless Fund.


For every ‘Drink Your Milk’ T-shirt sold, LOEWE will make a donation to the foundation, which seeks to champion the rights of every LGBTQ+ person, so they can live authentically, love freely, and thrive without the burdens of discrimination, oppression, or shame.

The playful slogan is inspired by scenes from Bailey’s historical drama series, Fellow Travelers, which is based on the 2007 novel by Thomas Mallon. The story charts the decades-long romance between two men who first meet during the height of McCarthyism in the 1950s.

“In a splat, the image of this tee shirt appeared in my head, fully formed, one fine morning. I knew Jonathan Anderson was the only person who could meet the joy, playfulness and sexiness; who could flip that vision into a reality. This is a very proud first of many collaborations for The Shameless Fund, a passion project that will whip up creative collaborations to raise cash and erase shame amongst the global LGBTQ+ community. I love Jonathan and I love LOEWE, and I LOVE this tee shirt. It’s for anyone who’s ever tasted milk.’” — Jonathan Bailey

Available 27 June in selected LOEWE stores and on LOEWE.COM.