MORNING opens first physical retail store at New Bahru

Since introducing the new standard for a better home coffee experience, homegrown coffee-tech company MORNING will officially open their first-ever retail experience store for coffee lovers to gather on 29 June at New Bahru.

This new retail store marks a new chapter for the digitally-native brand that started in 2018 with an online marketplace for specialty coffee capsules, before they launched a Kickstarter project in September 2020 for their flagship MORNING Machine.

To date, MORNING has delivered more than 10,000 machines and 120,000 boxes of capsules worldwide.


MORNING’s first retail experience store brings a unique retails space for coffee enthusiasts to experience all that the brand has to offer while embarking on a personalised journey of coffee exploration through a curated collection of the finest specialty coffee capsules from roasters around the world. You can also try MORNING’s line of coffee machines in person!

Central to the space is a tasting bar where you will get to indulge in immersive coffee tastings where you can discover your preferred specialty coffee flavour notes and witness the craftsmanship behind MORNING’s suite of sleek coffee machines.

Each cup will be brewed using the IoT-enabled MORNING Machine which can be paired with an accompanying app for coffee recipes that cater to each coffee capsule.

With over 120 coffees sourced from up to 40 of the world’s best roasters worldwide, MORNING’s experienced staff will be able to guide you while you sample the curated selection tailored to each unique palate.

As personal coffee connoisseurs, the retail team will share stories too about their partner roasters and their unique sourcing philosophies that reflect the rich diversity of flavours.

You can also expect to get a special treat crafted in partnership with Plain Vanilla Bakery to enhance your coffee tasting experience, a refreshing cold brew tea as a palate cleanser between tastings, hands-on demonstration with the MORNING Machine, and a take-home special pod chosen by the MORNING team as a token of appreciation.

If you’re already a MORNING Machine user, you can responsibly dispose of your used capsules at the store’s dedicated recycling corner.


To coincide with the launch of their retail experience store, MORNING will be unveiling an exclusive collaboration with TANCHEN Studio on 29 June.

Named the “PressPause” collection, the partnership will feature a MORNING Machine Lite in fresh colour ways alongside stylish coffee accessories and homeware.

As 2024 is the year of expansion for MORNING, the brand will not only look to expand their business in the UK market but they will also be adding two upcoming machines to the flagship MORNING Machine.

The Morning Dream.

The MORNING Dream is a standalone milk steaming device while the MORNING Mini is a more compact version of the flagship machine with five colour ways. 

Since the preview sales, MORNING has seen strong demand for these two machines with over 3,000 units of the Dream and nearly 2,500 units of the Mini sold. 

Both machines will be launched separately in the second half of the year.

The MORNING Store opens daily (9am to 9pm) from 29 June and is located at New Bahru, 46 Kim Yan Road, #01-13, Singapore 239351. For more information, click HERE.