Watchmaker Girard-Perregaux teams up with Saint Laurent for limited edition Casquette 2.0

Following the success last year where watchmaker Girard-Perregaux and high-end lifestyle brand Saint Laurent Rive Droite teamed up to create an exclusive interpretation of the Casquette watch, the two luxury brands have come together once again to conceive a new design of the Casquette for 2024.

Girard-Perregaux Casquette 2.0 Saint Laurent 02 in 2024 (USD $7,500, approx. S$10,181).

The Girard-Perregaux Casquette 2.0 Saint Laurent 02 (USD $7,500, approx. S$10,181) has once again been reinterpreted into a limited edition design, presented in silver grey tones and crafted from grade 5 titanium to endow the watch case with a combination of different finishes, similar to satin, polished and sandblasted surfaces.

The 2024 version of the Casquette 2.0 includes an ergonomic watch case that weighs less than the steel model of 1976, ensuring comfort when you put it on.

Girard-Perregaux Casquette 2.0 Saint Laurent 02.
Girard-Perregaux Casquette 2.0 Saint Laurent 02.

Since 1791, Girard-Perregaux has been one of the leaders of fine watchmaking and a leading exponent of quartz timekeeping, setting the frequency of 32,768 Hz, which became a standard that was universally adopted within the watch industry.

In 1976, the brand unveiled the Casquette that encompassed cutting-edge technology and presented in an avant-garde style with futuristic tubular LED display, bright red numerals and housed in an ergonomic watch case offered in steel, gold plated steel, and Makrolon — a composite material that is light and robust.

Casquette 2.0 in 2022.

Girard-Perregaux brought the Casquette back in 2022, aptly naming it Casquette 2.0, with several enhancements that included a watch case formed of black ceramic and titanium and features a chronograph, second time zone (to display time in a different location), and a ‘secret date’ which marks the wearer’s memorable date such as their birthday.

It also featured a new quartz movement, the Calibre GP3980, which delivered an inventory of functions that included the hours minutes, seconds, day, date, month, and year. 

The Casquette 2.0 was then reimagined last year, in partnership with Saint Laurent Rive Droite, with a design that included black ceramic and Grade 5 titanium, an alloy that is light, strong, stiff, corrosion resistant, non-magnetic and hypoallergenic.


The Girard-Perregaux Casquette 2.0 Saint Laurent 02 model features logos of both brands and is limited to 200 numbered pieces.
It is available exclusively online at YSL.COM and at Saint Laurent Rive Droite in Los Angeles and Saint Laurent Babylone in Paris.