Vans X Van Gogh Museum’s Exclusive Collaboration Is A Truly Artful One

Fine art’s not just meant to be constrained within the four walls of a museum — the partnership between Vans and the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam is bringing the revered, emotive Van Gogh masterpieces to wearable pieces of apparel and shoes.

And gosh, the collection is as beautiful as it is meaningful. You’ll be glad to know that a portion of the Van Gogh Museum’s profits will also be dedicated to the preservation of Van Gogh’s works, so that his legacy lives on for a long time yet, and so that future generations get to appreciate his work.

Surely you’re no stranger to Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh. One of the most famous artists in Western art, Van Gogh is widely known for his beautiful works full of texture and emotion, especially those created in his final days. The collection will feature four main artworks of Van Gogh, namely: Skull, Almond Blossom, Sunflowers and Van Gogh’s self-portrait.

Van Gogh Skull Long Sleeve BF Tee ($79).

We also love that this makes his art more accessible to a greater crowd. In case you need a quick rundown on his life, Van Gogh was pretty much your stereotype of the tortured artist, struggling with mental illness, poverty, and an unhappy childhood. Also, he never received his deserved recognition in his entire lifetime. Talk about unfortunate. Armed with that knowledge, we’re glad the love for Van Gogh can be spread even wider through the Vans Classics!

Van Gogh Skull Classic Slip-On ($99)  and Van Gogh Skull Hat ($59) .

The Skull apparel was inspired by Van Gogh’s earlier, darker paintings when he first began to study art formally. A range of apparel — Classic Slip-ons, long sleeved tee, hoodie and cap capture the human skull. We can’t help but think it’s the use of this painting that gives the design a grunge feel.

Not everything revolves around dark tones though. Brighter and more vivid tones are found in Van Gogh’s famed paintings, Sunflowers and Almond Blossom.


Sunflower Authentic ($99)  and Sunflower Boyfriend Tee ($69).

The famous Sunflowers painting can now be worn on the Sunflower Boyfriend Tee and the Sunflower Hoodie. We have to mention Van Gogh created such magnificent paintings with only three shades of yellow. It’s simple and yet powerful (and also so stylish on everything?!)

Now you even get to feel like a walking art piece. Or at least, come really close to it.

Sunflower hoodie
Almond Blossom Cap ($59), Backpack ($129) and shoes Sk8-Hi ($119).
Almond Blossom Bomber ($219).

The Almond Blossom painting, a vibrant pop of blue sky, is now also on various pieces like the cap, backpack and shoes. Symbolising new life, this was apparently one of Van Gogh’s favourite subjects and also represents a search for serenity.

Van Gogh self-portrait Authentic ($99).
Van Gogh self portrait shirt
Van Gogh Oversized Tee ($69).

How could we miss out on the man himself? The collection also features Van Gogh’s self-portrait in bright colours where he paired complementary colours so as to play around with depth and intensity. The portrait is featured on the Authentic Vans silhouette and the Van Gogh oversized tee.

The collection will also pay homage to the Old Vineyard with Peasant Woman painting. Predominantly painted in violent tones, the painting is printed across the Old Skool Vans. This is also the drawing mentioned in Vincent’s letters to his brother Theo. The Classic Slip-Ons are designed with snippets and excerpts of some of the 700 messages exchanged between the two.

Old Vineyard Old Skool ($129).
Old Vineyard Letters Classic Slip-On ($119).

Every piece in this collection will come with a special hangtag with a write-up of some historical facts about that specific Van Gogh piece so it’s time to get #educated.

Also, each shoe is fitted with a custom footbed art that emulates Van Gogh’s brushstrokes with both the Van Gogh Museum and Vans logos.

Available only at ION Orchard, Vivo City and Raffles City, from 3rd August. The collection will also be available at the museum shop at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and at

All images taken from Vans X Van Gogh Museum.