Why Boob Oil Is the Beauty Essential You Never Knew You Needed

Oh, Emma Watson… Reigning queen of green beauty (yeah, that’s right – move over Gwyneth). Earlier this year, the actress shared some of her favourite natural and organic beauty picks in an exclusive interview with Into The Gloss and she’s even credited them in the posts of The Press Tour’s Instagram account. Sure, there were a couple of products that required a little extra investigation, but under Imelda Burke’s influence, Emma has sure made a strong case for green beauty.

#Repost Emma Watson from her @intothegloss #TopShelf feature. Many of these brands were also used during the @beautyandthebeast press tour which you can follow on the @the_press_tour Photo 2: @eldecosmetics Lip & Cheek Rush is created in Norway and developed, produced and packaged by the brand itself. It is certified PETA cruelty-free & vegan. ⠀ Photo 3: @lolasapothecary formulate in hand blended micro-batches from sustainably sourced natural ingredients in the UK. Also pictured: @grownalchemist & @vitaliberata ⠀ Photo 4: @mvskincare is an Australian brand which has been at the forefront of the movement towards organic skincare since the late 1990s. @furyou is an 100% natural oil from the USA that can be used to enhance pubic hair and skin. The UK’s @totmorganic makes 100% organic cotton tampons. Also 📷: @sisterandcoskinfood Raw Coconut Drink for Hair & @moonjuiceshop Brain Dust. ⠀ Photo 5: @sisterandcoskinfood Tooth Whitening Polish is made from cold-pressed coconut oil sourced from a small organic farm in Sri Lanka. It is blended in small batches in the UK every twelve weeks. ⠀ Photo 6: British brand @nyr_offical have been making natural and organic skincare since 1981 and was the first high street retailer to be certified CarbonNeutral® ⠀ Photo 7: Lipstick is made by @absolution_cosmetics [in Rouge Theatre] who help conserve the planet’s resources by certifying with Ecocert Greenlife. ⠀ Photo 8: @idilbotanicals is handcrafted in small batches in countryside of Zurich, using only 100% natural and vegan raw materials. @frenchgirlorganics use certified-organic plant oils, don’t contain any pesticide or herbicide residue and support organic agriculture. ⠀ Photo 9: @alchemyoils Grapefruit Hair Remedy is 100% natural and made in small batches in the UK. @exo_supply is a nail polish remover made in the USA from USDA-certified organic essential oils and biodegradable ingredients. Also 📷: @kurebazaar @johnmastersorganicsusa ⠀ Beauty brands verified by CONTENT Beauty.’

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If you’re unfamiliar with Imelda Burke, she’s the founder of London’s coolest organic beauty store, Content Beauty & Wellbeing, author of The Nature of Beauty, and the person responsible for Emma’s holistic take on beauty. Turns out, Emma’s been frequenting the Content Beauty store for years before she was finally introduced to Imelda, and after a lunch date, Imelda became the Yoda to Emma’s young Padawan. It’s a tale as old as time, really.

So when the beauty guru revealed her current beauty favourites to Racked recently, we were all ears. Of course, all of her recommendations sounded a little similar to Emma’s, but it’s great to know that she’s a fan of ice facials and boob oils. Yup, you read that right. She uses a boob oil, specifically the Boobs’ Essential Oil, which she carries in her store. So, why on earth do we need a particular oil for our breasts? Imelda explains, “A cross between body oil and a health tracker, the Boobs’ Essential Oil encourages you to massage your breasts daily, which makes you familiar with them so that you can mentally track any changes.”

While the product did sound a little redundant initially, a quick boob massage is actually a simple and clever act that encourages women to check themselves on a regular basis as a prevention step for breast cancer. Not to mention, using an oil that smells great would help make the process that much more relaxing and pleasant. The sweet almond oil-based blend contains three other essential oils: frankincense, sandalwood, and myrrh, which gives it an intoxicating, mood-lifting scent. But since it’s relatively pricey for a tiny bottle, we’d suggest picking out cheaper alternatives like body oils, or you can even concoct a special oil blend yourself, if you’re in the mood to play chemist.
Boobs’ Essential Oil, £29. Available from contentbeautywellbeing.com.