NYLON's Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Everyone's Favourite Millennial

Come on, you’ve heard the medley of sing-along carols they play in the malls right? It’s unmistakeable; our favourite festive holiday is around the corner, and in the cheerful spirit of giving, we’re here to offer our epic round-ups of the best gifts you can buy for your friend / family member / significant other. Only this time, it’s for the guy whose Instagram feed is curated to Hypebeast-style perfection, the couch potato who takes Netflix and chill to a new dormant level, or the basic b who thinks she’s a queen. Basically, like you, we love stereotyping people in our heads (for fun!), so we’re going along with that to suss out the perfect present.
This one’s, then, for the buzzword of the year: millennials.
We (oh yes, we) have been celebrated and gloriously marketed to, and then got our reputation dragged through the mud as famously as our dear Taylor Swift. Do we really need the attention? Apparently. So here’s a list that caters to our narcissistic selves: we’ve got something for the ‘gram, something with a bit of irony and humour, and a lot of pure pink class. All prizes, no participation awards. Time to bring cheer to that special snowflake of yours — you see, he or she probably feels entitled to that gift already.

1. What Do You Meme? US$35, available on jerrys.world and lazada.sg
Ever wondered who the ultimate Meme king is? What Do You Meme? is the game to play with all your other meme-loving friends that will either have you shaking your head in disappointment or rolling over the floor laughing. Slightly bitchy but not utterly rude, this card game is definitely not as morbid as Cards Against Humanity!
2. Unicorn Zip & Flip Pillow, US$40, available at kikkerland.com
Tell us, which basic millennial doesn’t admire the now-ubiquitous rare beauty of a unicorn, particularly one that comes with a rainbow mane? Flip this plushie around and you’ll also be able to get a neck pillow that’ll serve you well on your flight to some exotic location on your #wanderlust bucket list.
3. Hug A Porcupine Necklace, $39, available at The Little Drom Store
Who wouldn’t want the origami silhouette of a woodland fox, ivory white swan, or magical unicorn dangling from their neck? Channel your spirit animal to show off to the rest of the world. These necklaces are just a bit cutesy, with bright splashes of colour to bring some fun to your outfit.
4. Swarovski Remix Collection Strands, $149, available at Swarovski boutiques
Go all-out and express yourself with Swarovski’s latest jewellery strands. Tell your friend she doesn’t have to stick to one boring formula either — simply gather up a few and snap them together to serve an infinite amount of looks, whether it’s a bracelet, choker or layered necklace. Oh snap, indeed! (Attitude, not included.)
5. Bubble Pet Carrier, $36.95, available at lazada.sg
Your fluffy lap-monster can now have a lovely view of the world. This roomy backpack has openings to let plenty of fresh air in and a porthole window that allows your cat to peer out of it, like a feline cosmonaut exploring an unknown planet. It’s a rather comical sight, but we simply can’t resist it.
6. PANDORA Sparkling Snowflake Pendant, $159, available at PANDORA stores
For that special snowflake in your life — pun, totally intended — get them this beautiful, lasting charm; after all, they’re entitled to some of your love, right? At least this one’s sturdy enough to not melt away at the slightest bit of heat.
7. Damselfly Namaste Candle Gift Set, AUD$79.95, available at damselfly.com.au
We all need some #inspirational quotes to really keep us going sometimes. These cute little candles are the perfect gift to encourage your friend to live life the way they want. It’s also a reminder to be nice to everyone, because namaste is the way of yogis.
8. Superga 2750 Total Satin in Pink Blush, $129.90, available at Superga stores
If you’ve been following our very extensive millennial pink sneakers round-ups, you’ll know that faded pastel blush is the colour of the year, kind of an ironic take on the traditionally saccharine shade. Reclaim its meaning with by giving your friend her own pair of fuss-free sneakers.
9. ZERO 2.0 CARBON FIBRE, $899 for 5.2AH/15km version, available at falconpev.com.sg.
Zip down the streets on this lightweight e-scooter, which weighs in at just 6.4kg for its minimalist frame, and has a decent 450W power motor for an easy cruise from one hipster cafe to the next. You’ll always feel like the coolest kid around the block.
10. Minions x Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, $159, available at lazada.sg
Minions have made us laugh and they’ve made us cry. Okay, fine. They’ve mostly made us laugh. But now, they’ll be able to help us do one more thing: take awesome pictures. Fujifilm has what’s possibly the cutest photo-taking device of all time, and it’s definitely the perfect gadget to get your kawaii on.
11. Building Block Petit in Lilac, $463.20, available at NanaAndBird.com.
Lilac’s definitely a shade off from millennial pink, but we don’t expect any less from cult favourite bag designer Building Block. The bag’s petite size and structural shape makes it a convenient day bag that you can easily swing across your body. With a mini tassel and interior card pocket, this bag is both pretty and functional.
12. Beauty and the Beast Chip Mug, £11.99, available at iwantoneofthose.com
It’s no surprise that we millennials are suckers for anything Disney. After all, we’re the generation that grew up with classic fairytales like Mulan, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast, which makes this adorable Chip mug the perfect gift for anyone who seems like they’ve been stuck in a fairytale all their lives.
13. Stelton EM77 Vacuum Jug Lavender, $119, available at bibliotek.co
There’s nothing like a bit of Scandinavian minimalism to make you feel like a hip, Bohemian city dweller whose heart has been left in Europe. And as much we love them, we can’t IKEA to achieve that vibe. Enter Stelton, and its range of Vacuum Jugs. Go for their light pink one to give your home kitchen a happy, whimsical feel. Trust us, you won’t regret it.
14. IUIGA Full Aluminium Magnesium Alloy Luggage in Rose Gold, $159, available at IUIGA.com
An incredibly light form that’s highly resistant to external damage, IUIGA’s 100% Aluminium Magnesium Alloy luggage is engineered with precision and built to last, which makes it a great gift for the chic traveller with an unwavering penchant for rose gold.

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