Will We Be Seeing DHL Delivery Men In Vetements Uniforms From Now On?

In fashion, we hear of a new collaboration almost every other day, whether it’s between brands, athletes, celebrities or personalities, it takes two influential parties for a collaboration to be hyped up. However, we sometimes get partnerships that we could have never expected in a million years. Just like Vetements and global courier service provider DHL.
The high fashion company and the courier service provider teamed up to release a three-piece collection which comprises of a short-sleeved T-shirt, a short-sleeved polo T-shirt and a long-sleeved polo T-shirt. The whole collection comes in DHL’s signature red and yellow with the addition of some black for a bit of contrast to the warm sunny colours.


Our favourite is definitely the short-sleeved polo T-shirt because of the barcode on the left sleeve because it really conveyed the essence of the courier service. Furthermore, we won’t be surprised if DHL delivery men actually deliver our packages in this shirt. Maybe they can even scan the barcode on their sleeves after each delivery is done – sort of like a personal signature for their time stamp.
The best part? This isn’t the first time that the two have collaborated on a collection. In 2016, a Vetements sent a DHL logo shirt down the runway in its 2016 Spring show during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. This t-shirt became the most coveted t-shirt for streetwear in 2016. Go figure.


In all honesty, we doubt we’ll be seeing any of our DHL delivery men in these pieces because the price of the pieces from the collection ranges from approximately $630 – $1000. If you swear by DHL and adore Vetement for its quirky style, you may shop the range at MR PORTER.

Because we were so taken aback by this collaboration, we decided to go on a hunt for more interesting collaborations that make us go “hmmm”. Here are our finds!
Balenciaga X Crocs


Remember when everyone stayed away from Crocs because children’s feet kept getting caught in escalators? And also because they’re pretty ugly despite being comfortable (apparently). It seems like everyone forgot those horrors when they heard that Balenciaga was doing a collaboration with the footwear brand and witnessed its debut on the runway at Balenciaga’s show at Paris Fashion Week 2017. . What’s even worse was that the US$850 shoes sold out before they were even released. The draw of Balenciaga cancelled out the resistance people had towards Crocs. Then again, we have the resurgence of ugly chunky shoes, so who’s to say that Crocs are still considered ugly?
Comme Des Garçons PLAY X Coca Cola


Who would have thought that we would be able to see the iconic hearts from Comme Des Garçons’ PLAY line on a Coca-Cola can? In 2012, design student Ashley Shen came up with this concept art that pairs the fashion brand to the globally-recognised beverage company. This didn’t actually materialise into a real collaboration but it’s definitely a partnership that will sell. People already collect vintage Coca-Cola bottles and we think this would make a great modern addition to the collection.
Off-White X McDonald’s / CHANEL X McDonald’s


We’re going to set this straight from the start: this is not an actual collaboration. But we sure wish it was. The original version, created by @margoagency, which featured CHANEL was re-designed to feature Off-White by @thisisokan. We may be getting ahead of ourselves but we have a feeling that the food would taste 1o times better in this packaging. But that also means that it’ll probably cost 10 times more, as well. Actually, designer food labels aren’t that far-fetched, after all. Off-White’s pop-up cafe in Paris is stocked with food from Wild & The Moon, packed in exclusive Off-White labels.
Fashion is weird but we still love it.