A Comparison Of The Latest Phones In The Market

Phones are the boon and the bane of our lives – can’t live with them, but can’t live without them either. We depend so much on our phones in our everyday lives that it’s almost impossible to imagine living without them. It’s also a nightmare to use an outdated phone that’s all laggy with a crappy camera that can’t capture anything clearly. Eventually, you’ll feel like almost everyone’s carrying a much fancier phone with all the coolest features.
If you’re looking to upgrade your phone, we rounded up all the new phones that have been launched recently to give you an update on the current phone market. Whether you’re getting a festival phone or want the best camera for as little as possible, we put all the phones from the recent launches that we’ve been to into a table to compare their features and capabilities. We’ve even included the latest Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone X as a comparison point.

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PHONE Display Front
 Colour  Storage  Price Features
Nokia 8110
2.4 inches/ 240 x 320 pixels NA 2MP Traditional Black
Banana Yellow
4GB $109 Snake game
Nano SIM
Gmail, FB apps
Slide phone cover
Honor 10
5.84 inches/ 1080 x 2280 pixels 24MP 16MP + 24MP Phantom Blue
Midnight Black
128GB $579 Fingerprint
Dual SIM
AI camera
Front portrait mode
Face recognition
Nokia 7 plus
6.0 inches/ 1080 x 2160 pixels 16MP  12MP + 13MP Black/ Copper
White/ Copper
(expandable storage)
$599 Fingerprint
Nano/dual SIM
Vivo X21
6.28 inches/ 1080 x 2280 pixels 12MP  12MP + 5MP Black
Aurora White
Ruby Red
(expandable storage)
$799 Fingerprint sensor
No home button
Nano/dual SIM
Face recognition
AI Camera
3D Mapping (camera)
Gaming Mode
 Huawei P20
1080 x 2240 pixels 24MP 12MP + 20MP Twilight
Pink Gold
128 GB $989  Fingerprint
Nano/dual SIM
Leica Dual Camera
AI stabilisation
No headphone jack
Fast charging
 Oppo r15 Pro
Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 6.20.03 PM
6.2 inches/ 1080 x 2160 pixels 20MP  16MP + 5MP Cosmic Purple
Ruby Red
(expandable storage)
$899 Fingerprint, microSD
Nano/ dual SIM Fast charging
AI Camera
Multi-tasking view
Split-screen view
AR stickers
Face recognition
Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 6.25.01 PM
6.1 inches/ 3120x 1440 pixels 8MP 16MP + 16MP Platinum Grey
Aurora Black
Moroccan Blue
128GB $1,198 AI Camera
Wide angle camera
Surround sound audio
Water resistant
Dual SIM
Wireless charging
Fast charging
Galaxy S9
5.8-inches/ 1440 x 2960 pixels 8MP 12MP Midnight Black
Coral Blue
Lilac Purple
Nano/ dual SIM
Samsung Pay
4k video recording
iPhone X
5.8 inches/ 1125 x 2436 pixels 7MP 12MP + 12MP Silver
Space Grey
Face recognition
Nano/ dual SIM
Apple Pay
Water resistant
Portrait mode
Studio lighting

Still a bit confused? We’ve shortlisted a few phones from the table above to help you make a decision more easily according since what we all look for in a phone is different.

Most Value For Money – Honor 10

Both the front and rear cameras are excellent – much better than most of the other phones and at a much lower price. Plus you get all the AI camera capabilities, and the portrait mode also works with the selfie camera. The reflective glass of the phone back which is super hard to capture on camera is absolutely gorgeous too.

A Back-up/ Festival Phone – Nokia 8110

Small, portable, and a little old-school, the Nokia 8110 is a bit nostalgic. For that price, the phone’s got all your basic functions, including a rear camera. There’s also an app store where you can download apps like Gmail, Outlook and Facebook to keep connected. An ideal phone for travelling, camping and going to festivals because you barely feel the heart pain when you lose this phone. (If you think $100 is a lot, imagine losing a $1,648 iPhone).

For The Always Selfie Ready/ The Phone Photographer – Huawei P20

Whether you love soft, dreamy selfies or want to take night shots of the city, the Leica dual cameras won’t let you down. And it’s so much cheaper and portable than getting a Leica camera separately. The only downside is that Huawei has done away with the headphone jack, but bluetooth headphones are so much more convenient and you don’t have to constantly untangle knotted cords.

Always On-point Millennial – iPhone X

Even if there are cheaper and better phones than the iPhone, some people consider the iPhone a “street brand” in itself. It has been called one of the requirements for basic bitches to hipsters, and there’s just something cool about using an iPhone. Apple users are also notorious for not being able to switch to other interfaces (Once you go iOS, you can’t go back), and are more than willing to pay through the nose just for a phone. The iOS also supports a lot of apps that designers and creatives might find useful, so this might be a consideration too.

Note: not all the phones have launched yet – some are currently available for preorder. Check with your local telco for availability and to preorder. 
Prices are without contract.