Hanli talks to Elsa Durrens, Chanel Press Makeup Artist on Matte Lips

Matte lips have been trending for a while now, and there really are a thousand different options to choose from today. But there’s nothing more chic than a Chanel lipstick. And one in red. So when Chanel released an entire collection of matte red lip products for Autumn/Winter 2018, of course we wanted to try them all! And we had the good fortune of having Elsa Durrens, Chanel Press Makeup Artist in town, to share with us what all the different matte lip products are, and why they are so great (super comfortable! Not drying at all!) And once again, we invited NYLON cover girl, Hanli to test them all out. Watch:

The product that got Hanli excited (and us too!) is the Rouge Allure Liquid Powder (available in 6 shades).

Hanli trying the new Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Powder

Remember how Chanel introduced a lip powder palette earlier this year (the Powder À Lèvres, part of the Spring/Summer Neapolis: New City collection)? This one is even more radical and feels truly amazing on the lips. It glides on like a liquid, but dries down immediately to a soft, powdery finish that’s a bit matte, and a bit velvety. It also feels surprisingly light on the lips considering how pigmented the formula is.

There’s also a new line called Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême; which gives really intense, solid shades, in a smooth matte texture that is long-lasting (hence extreme!).

We’d be pretty excited too with the entire range of Chanel matte lip products in front of us

Notice the packaging for this lipstick is a new minimalist, classy, all-black matte case.

And there’s also Chanel’s popular Rouge Allure Velvet line of lipsticks that gives what the brand calls a luminous matte finish. It’s matte, but it doesn’t look dry or flat. Think of it as a healthy velvety satin finish. This collection also includes five beautiful limited edition shades: