Your Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Guide For The Spookiest Day Of The Year

The spookiest day on the calendar is finally here! Halloween, otherwise known as the unofficial holiday for all makeup junkies, is the best excuse to layer all your makeup you’ve been dying to use without being judged.

If you haven’t got yourself prepped up for the occasion, fret not. Rather than opting for a full costume, your best bet for a last-minute Halloween get-up would be to lean on your stash of makeup.

So bring on the bright palettes, whip out your lippies and arm yourself with the best eyeliners, because we’ve picked 10 of the most eerie-sistable makeup looks you can rock for the spooktacular occasion.

1. Skeleton 

Skeleton Halloween Makeup Look (Photo Courtesy)

A classic look that never gets old every year. The skeleton is an iconic makeup look that beauty junkies would presume as basic but it’s still one that will always look good every year. Besides being able to chisel my jaw with black paint/eyeliner/eyeshadow, the look can also be extended to your chest!

So if you’re one who’s not willing to spend so much on costumes and if you have a closet with your favourite black essentials, then you’ve got yourself your Halloween outfit ready. Why? That’s because you can paint the upper half of your chest with white paint, and follow up by sketching the bones on your chest to bring your drawing to life (ironically).

2. Vampire 

Vampire Halloween Makeup Look (Photo Courtesy)

There are tons of makeup ideas that come to mind when it comes to Halloween and the classic vampire look is one of the quintessential go-to’s that we still love and doesn’t suck.

Katerina Petrova from The Vampire Diaries Inspired Halloween Makeup Look (Photo Courtesy)

Unleash the inner Katrina Petrova (aka Katherine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries series) in you by whipping out your darkest eyeshadow palette you have in your makeup bag. All you need is to contour your cheekbones and add a gorgeous matte smokey eye with red accents. To transform into a sexy vampire, complete your look with the requisite, blood-stained mouth by slathering on a bold red lipstick.

3. Eleven from Stranger Things 

Eleven from Stranger Things Halloween Makeup Look (Photo Courtesy)

By far the easiest of the lot, this makeup look is inspired by Eleven from the hit series, Stranger Things. In the show, Eleven portrays a girl with psychokinetic and telepathic abilities. Now, if you haven’t already watched the show (what are you waiting for?!), Eleven experiences physical side effects from using her powers – and evidently, one of the side effects include her constant nose bleeds. To achieve this look, start with a natural makeup base and drip some fake blood from either side of your nostrils, and you’re good to go! For an easier alternative, you can opt to use a dark red liquid lipstick to replicate the look.

4. Cheshire the Cashmere Cat from Alice in Wonderland

Cheshire Cat Halloween Makeup Look (Photo Courtesy)

Cat costumes a little too cliché for your liking? Why not dress up as the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland instead! Play with the brighter colours on your palette by piling on your favourite purple and yellow eyeshadow shades on your lids. Using the same purple shade, contour your face and finish it off with the brightest pink shade for a cute button nose. Then, using an eyeliner, draw winged eyeliner, whiskers and Cheshire’s signature smile. Complete your look by filling in the smile with some white paint or white eyeshadow.

5. Harley Quinn 

Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup Look (Photo Courtesy)

The Suicide Squad was released almost 2 years ago, and yet Harley Quinn still continues to show up as a popular costume idea for many. First things first, to achieve this badass look, there’s one thing that you should keep in mind – the messier the better. Harley isn’t all prim and proper which explains why her makeup’s literally running all over the place – making it easier to deal with (sort of). So embrace your pigtails, dust on some pink and blue shadows on your lids and smear on some lipstick to complete the look.

6. The Purge 

Purge Inspired Halloween Makeup Look (Photo Courtesy)

Ever wondered how it’d look like if you go a little too overboard with contouring? There are loads of makeup inspirations you can take from the movie sequel, The Purge, but this look would seem the most apt, especially if you’re one who has one too many contour palettes at home.

7. Ouija Board

Ouija Board Halloween Makeup Look (Photo Courtesy)

For something a little less subtle and more spooky, try this Ouija Board look. It may require more time for this look (and a helping hand or two), but no doubt is this look one that has taken the Internet by storm this year. All you need is to whip out your eyeliner and sketch up the design of the Ouija board on your face and chest too.

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Even celebrities such as Victoria Justice were seen to rock this look this season for Halloween. Nonetheless, we can’t disagree, this look definitely gave us the chills!

8. Scarecrow 

Scarecrow Halloween Makeup Look (Photo Courtesy)

Whether you’re celebrating with a group of friends as characters from The Wizard of Oz or going solo, this scarecrow look is one number that might actually look spooky and cute on you. Simply start with a smokey eye with orange accents and pack on some orange blush or orange eyeshadow on your cheeks. Then, using an eyeliner, define your eyes and line your lips with it for a creepy stitched smile.

9. Georgie from IT 

Georgie from IT Halloween Makeup Look (Photo Courtesy)

The movie may have been released last year but Georgie’s costume is notably one of the easiest costumes to replicate for this spooktacular occasion! You can go all out and start with a white base or go straight into lining your face with a red lipstick, as seen above.

10. The Nun 

The Nun Halloween Makeup Look (Photo Courtesy)

Last but not least, this year’s most iconic Halloween costume – The Nun. Back in September, The Nun was released in theatres, unveiling the darkest chapter of the original film, The Conjuring.

To achieve this look, we suggest you only use the darkest shades in your palette. All you have to do is to paint your face white with a white face paint and buff on some black eyeshadow, placing focus on your eye area. On top of that, finish your look with a black lippie for a more ghoulish look that’ll leave you looking horrifyingly good!