Nestia’s Got You Covered With Their Umbrella-Sharing Service

The rainy season is back for Singapore though we still suffer under the scorching sun and stuffing humidity. One day, you could step out of your house with 33°C, but experience a heavy downpour before barely reaching your workplace. With that one crucial aid missing from your bag. Does that sound familiar? Never worry about having to purchase another umbrella from the convenience store, with Nestia’s Shared Umbrella Project!

As we are slowly integrating sharing economy into our lives with services such as Grab, BLUESG, Style Theory, and OFO Bikes, Nestia came up with a shared umbrellas idea to help us make travelling around more fuss-free! Rain or shine? You’ll never have to worry about not having your umbrella with you. All you need is a minute, your smartphone and follow these simple instructions!

These umbrellas are specifically designed to be UV-protective and sturdy so you can get from one place to another safely! Rent these for less than a dollar! You’ll just need a deposit of $9.90, while $0.90 will be deducted for every 24 hours. Upon returning the umbrella, the remaining will be refunded to you. For first-time users, Nestia will let you have the first 24 hours FOR FREE!

Nestia Shared Umbrella Rack at Alexandra Technopark

The renting and returning process is also made as seamless as possible, though the stations are still quite limited at the moment. You can rent these umbrellas at stations across Singapore and return them to the any of the available spots.

Become a Nestia user by downloading the app on your smartphone from The App Store, Google Play Store or via this link to rent your umbrellas today!