NYLON’s Holiday Gift Guide 2018: The Photophile

Everyone has that friend who somehow manages to captures all the best moments – whether it’s his latest holiday, the National Day fireworks, or just himself enjoying a nice lunch at his neighbourhood. You’ve got the same iPhone, but their shots are leaps and bounds nicer. You’ve come to terms with yourself not being able to ever take such gorgeous photos, but if you’re looking to step up your photography game or just looking for a gift idea for your snap-happy friend, you’re in the right place.

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Here’s a portable hybrid camera and printer that’s super easy to use. Just snap and share on social media, or instantly print out copies for friends! Granted it’s just a 5MP camera… don’t fret over the quality, because you can still connect this device to your smartphones and tablets, meaning all those other high-res pics you’ve taken can be printed out on the spot as well.

2. LEICA M10-D, $12,000
Available at Leica stores and authorised retailers

One of the many pleasures of film photography is the excitement of finally being able to see your pictures in print for the first time. But sometimes, film has limitations when it comes to producing the best images. Invest in the latest camera in the Leica M series, the M10-D. It retains the analogue experience by lacking a display and having minimal keys, but also has digital functions like Wi-Fi to instantly upload all the gorgeous images you just shot on Instagram.

3. FUJIFILM X-T3, $2,299 (body only)
Available at all Fujifilm authorised retailers

What if you want the colours shot on film cameras but on a digital camera? The X-T3 retains the saturated colours of film camera with a 26MP sensor. Easily print shots to hang above your bed as a memento from your travels as the compact camera is sturdy and weatherproof. It’ll work well in the heat of safaris and still function even in negative degree weather. The dials and buttons on the camera emulate those of film cameras too, but better because you can customise them to create your own shortcuts.

Available at blackmarketcamera.com

#35mm. #Filmisnotdead. You’ve probably seen these hashtags all up on Instagram and the only way to fit in that community is to get your own Polaroid camera! With this bad boy, you’ll fit perfectly into the scene. The whole Polaroid experience also comes with the struggle to find 600 series film. Good luck! 

5. KUVRD 4-PACK, US$80
Available at kuvrdcamera.com

Taking care of your equipment is essential if you would like to avoid all the hefty repair fees. This lens cap fits over the front and back of most lens, and does all sorts of awesome things, like being dust-proof, shock-absorbent and waterproof.

Available at onabags.com

There are plenty of versatile camera lenses you can carry about… but no true photographer wants to be left stranded when they know they’ve got better options at home. This ONA case manages to make the arduous task of packing your lenses so much easier (and prettier). Designed like a vintage lens case, it protects up to 4 lenses and small accessories with a closed-cell foam interior along with water-resistant premium nylon with leather accents.

Available at adcbags.com

The biggest struggle about toting your camera around when you’re traveling is that… it’s pretty ugly (nobody wants to be a walking ad for Nikon or Canon, amirite?). This functional tote looks stylish and comes with compartments for your body and lenses, and plenty of side pockets for all the other trinkets like filters and lens cloths.

Available at fishpond.com.sg

We all know how much of a hassle it is to constantly carry a DSLR around, but what if you still want a crystal-quality snapshot at your fingertips? Fear not! This Wide Angle ExoLens Pro by Zeiss clips onto your smartphone for wide shots.You’re on your way to become the next Steven Meisel (just kidding… but you can try…).

9.  H&M x KODAK COTTON CAP, $24.95
Available at H&M stores

We bet your friend thinks everything looks better in analogue — and it’s true. Film lends such a beautiful organic quality that you can’t just achieve with nostalgic filters. Let him/her pay homage to the medium with this cap that references old school Kodak film.

Available at vsco.co

Before everyone started using Photoshop, there was VSCO. But free VSCO meant limited filters. When you scroll through your feed on Instagram, you can probably recognise everyone using P5 — with lowered saturation and contrast. Don’t worry about your photos looking the same as everyone else, gift your friend/yourself a VSCO X subscription for more filters and extra tools to edit photos on the go!

Available at Books Actually and booksactuallyshop.com

Photography enthusiasts will definitely appreciate this collection of photos by local photographer, Nguan. The series of pictures featured in this book are definitely close to heart — with a pastel aesthetic, Nguan captures the hidden corners of Singapore in a different light. It also makes a great coffee table book to show your visitors how beautiful our country can be.

Available at lensball.com

Identify with any of these hashtags: #iamacontentcreator #pursuitsofportraits #thecreatorclass? Your idol is probably Casey Neistat and they love using VSCO presets and these cool round balls with warped perspectives. These perfect crystal balls are the best of the best, made from expensive crystal glass that assures you a quality money shot. You can also play with lighting for kaleidoscope light leaks. 

13. GOPRO HERO 7 BLACK, $595
Available at Challenger, Harvey Norman, Courts and Sprint-Class (Changi Airport)

Always wondered how some people can take awesome photos and videos at the same time? It’s because they use a GoPro in their DSLR hot-shoe so that they can capture both video footage and good quality photos of the same scene. And you’d want to upgrade your kit because the latest GoPro comes with hyper-smooth stabilisation —  it looks like you’re using a gimbal even when you’re constantly on the move! A pricey splurge for awesome high-def videos of your sporting activities and holidays. While you’re at it, you might as well connect to your Facebook livestream to keep all your friends and families updated!

Available at authorised retailers

Urgently need photos for last minute scrapbooking and cards? The HP Sprocket is a handy photo-printing machine to have at home. And you can even slip it into your pocket when you’re hanging out with your friends or even on your travels. Not only can you choose from collages and different filters before hitting the PRINT button, there are also various papers to suit all your needs. Print glossy photos to sneakily slip into your boyfriend’s wallet, or get the magnetic photo paper to display on your fridge. Now they’ll always be reminded of you!

Available at Apple stores and at apple.com 

We all have the struggle of filming a video without them being a shaky mess. Thankfully, with the DJI Osmo Mobile 2, filming is made so much easier. Bob all you want, shake if you must, but with this trusty Gimbal, you’ll still be able to capture smooth and seamless footages to satisfy the inner vlogger in you.

Available at orangemonkie.com

This item is a dream come true for all flatlay photographers and influencers. You don’t even need good photography skills, just a white background will do. With a foldable design and magnetic structure, the Foldio is the world’s 1st all-in-one portable studio. You can even adjust the LED lights that comes with it! The difference between Foldio2 and Foldio3 is the size — they are 10 inches apart. Bring this everywhere you go, and up your flatlay game.

17. JABRA ELITE 45E, $168
Available at authorised retailers, jabra.sg and Lazada

Block out all distractions when you’re in the flow of editing with this pair of the noise-cancelling earphones. The flexible wireless headphones loops around your neck, so you don’t have to worry about tangled wires if you’re editing at a cafe or on the train. And the seamless call functions means that you can easily take calls from clients who think that photo editing shouldn’t be taking that long.



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