The whole Dolce & Gabbana China controversy

Stefano Gabbana is like the fashion version of Deciem founder, Brandon Truaxe; they both love controversy and mouthing off on social media. This month, we see the D&G brand engaged in a scandal that we think will take them a long looooong time to recover from (if ever)… this time involving their show in China that was scheduled for tonight (21 Nov 2018). That’s right… WAS. According to Diet Prada, the #DGTheGreatShow (yea, that’s what the brand called it) just got cancelled by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Shanghai. Here’s a summary of the events:

Nov 17:

Dolce & Gabbana share a post on their Instagram account, which is a campaign video titled, “Eating with Chopsticks”. There are 3 parts to the “chopsticks” series, all of which the designers claim are a tribute to China. See for yourself:

Nov 20:

The majority of the public accused the duo of racism. And Diet Prada put out a version with subtitles:


Is it meant to target China and the Chinese people? Because Dolce & Gabbana are Italian, and as non-Chinese, they shouldn’t be “teaching” Chinese people how to use chopsticks. And hey, we don’t use chopsticks for everything! Maybe the designers were trying to be quirky, but it backfired in a huge way and ended up being really insulting and offensive.

Nov 21:

A Diet Prada follower, Michaela, DMed her displeasure to Stefano Gabbana, and got a response. Here’s the entire painful exchange:


Shortly after, Dolce & Gabbana claim their Instagram accounts got hacked (yes two accounts):

No one believes them.

Diet Prada then points out that Stefano Gabbana reposted the same DM exchange on his stories before claiming he got hacked. 🤔 (FYI Stefano — that story is still up! Here’s a link we think you’ll find useful: How to delete an Instagram Story).



The story is trending on Weibo, and Chinese celebrities and modelling agencies are pulling out of the show and denouncing the brand.


Here’s one final exchange to seal the fate of these assholes:

Can’t say they don’t deserve it. Follow Diet Prada on Instagram for more updates.