belif Holiday Bundles To Gift This Christmas

It’s the holiday season, the month of celebrations and gatherings, and we all know how crucial it is that our skin’s at its best state during this period — and what better way to start the new year with a set of great skincare products?

This is where the Korean skincare brand, belif comes in with just the right holiday bundles! I am sure you have came across this brand at counters with a sleek, apothecary-like packaging. Not only does the packaging look delightful to covet, but the brand’s dedication to all-natural products have won hearts in Korea and abroad!

Fun fact: belif saw its beginnings in Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K. in 1860 by botanist and herbalist Duncan Napier. That’s almost 160 years ago!

Finding the perfect holiday gift can be maddening (Is this something they already have? Is this something they will use? Is this the right colour?), but you can never go wrong with skincare. Wait, but which skincare products do they need? Fret not, belif’s wide range of Christmas Gift Sets has many things all in one bundle, and at a good price point! Whether you are looking for the perfect skincare product for yourself or as a gift, you’ll definitely find something from belif’s endless holiday bundles.

Holiday Travel Kit, $25 (worth $42)

Holiday Travel Kit, $25

Whether it’s Japan, Switzerland, or even Bali, your friend’s always somewhere around the world — just not here! If you manage to catch them in SG this Christmas though and you are looking for stocking stuffer ideas or a Secret Santa gift for them, we’ve got you covered. belif proves to us that great things can come in small packages — from cleanser to toners to creams, this kit has all the travel beauty necessities you need packaged in a small bag! This will make a great gift for your friend or family member that travels frequently, or even an introduction to belif’s products. I am sure they will fall in love with the products like we did!

Merry Merry Moisturiser Set, $99 (worth $130)

Merry Merry Moisturizers Set, $99

Moisturising is no longer a secret to beautiful skin and it is a crucial step in all skincare routines. Thankfully, belif has a bundle dedicated to ensuring your skin stays intensely hydrated for a holiday-ready glow! This limited edition holiday set features the brand’s bestselling Moisturising bomb and two more of belif’s favourites — the Aqua bomb and Numero 10 Essence! Because these products are suitable for all skin-types, you can never go wrong with it as a gift too!

The True Cream Aqua Bomb 50ml

Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask Set, $79 (worth up to $107)

Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask Set, $79

You can’t go wrong with this! Any beauty lover’s bound to know about belif’s Aqua Bomb series. So if you swear by belif’s True Cream Aqua Bomb, then this Sleeping Mask is another must-have if you want your skin looking like a newborn baby.

We just can’t emphasise how important it is for your skin to stay hydrated 24/7, so this is another set to ensure your skin gets the H20 it needs (while you’re asleep!).  Skin regenerates the fastest when we sleep at night, and it is only right that we give our skin all it needs to bounce back from the perils it has sustained throughout the day.

Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask 75ml

Peat Miracle Revital Set, $85 (worth $119)

Peat Miracle Revital Set, $85

Oh, the horror of fine lines and wrinkles — we’ll do almost about anything to prevent it! If you have a wise friend who’s always planning their life 10 steps ahead, look no further, belif provides a simple remedy to help stall these fine lines from appearing! The Peat Miracle Revital Set consists of a serum and cream formulated with mineral-rich peat extract that helps improve one’s skin’s elasticity — for smoother and younger-looking skin! The extract also has a rare blend of over 80 different herbs which gives the product a faint herbal scent, giving you a slight aromatherapy feel. Not only does it smell heavenly, but your skin will thank you for it too!

Herbal Essentials Skincare Set, $99 (worth up to $130)

Herbal Essentials Skincare Set, $99

You’ll know someone who’s way into horoscopes and meditation apps, and if they’re into calming the mind and body, they’ll love these! The Herbal Essentials Skincare Set consists of a creamy cleansing foam, a toner, and a moisturiser. Use all these products on a daily basis to be on the road to porcelain-looking skin!

The Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist and Eucalyptus Herbal Extract Toner in this set has a unique blend of herbs that are effective yet gentle to the skin, especially great for preventing every girl’s nightmare — breakouts!

Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist 160ml
Eucalyptus Herbal Extract Toner 200ml


belif Holiday Bundles are available at TANGS VivoCity and THEFACESHOP-Nature Collection stores now till 25 December 2018