Straits Times finally posted about the Singaporean guy who collects Barbies, and all the sexist homophobes have crawled out of their holes…

So my friend Jian Yang loves Barbie dolls and he collects them. And today, our national newspaper finally picked up on his story, even though it’s everywhere on the internet: in 2013 on Daily Mail, Huffington Post and Reuters, in 2017 by Nuyou and Home & Decor, and more recently in 2018 by Yahoo (and these are just the mainstream titles!).

Here’s the video from ST (I won’t link to the article because it’s a “Premium” story…):

Soon after the ST posts went live on Facebook, the comments came flooding in. I mean, yes, people love to judge, but when you downright discriminate and disparage an entire community (in this case — gay men), you only have yourself to blame for getting called out.

But amidst all the sexism and homophobia, it’s great to see that Jian has kept his sense of humour and wins in every argument.

Let’s start with ADavid who calls him a weirdo for collecting Barbie dolls:

No one should ever say “nobody is still better than being you” — that’s really not nice, ADavid. And Jian’s right — do you have a double page spread in the papers? Do you?

Then there’s Jian’s takedown of Tara:

Burrrrn…  And then this guy asking about whether Jian has a Barbie wife (whatever that is).

Ramgutan doesn’t seem to get it. It’s ok, the rest of us do.

Here’s inappropriate Chris Lee and his homophobic friend, Lee Jeremy:

Speaking of homophobes:

And Richard who doesn’t know the difference between hoarding and collecting. And by the way, it’s really not nice to make fun of hoarders — it’s a real mental disease for some people who can’t help themselves.

And of course, there’s always someone who will take a dig at a person’s love life. But Jian does his takedown!

These are the people whose grandkids are going to pay $100 to see Jian’s entire collection when it becomes the world’s most famous and complete Barbie museum! And at least amidst all the haters and trolls, there’s still hope for humanity with the ones who encourage and see the good…

Yes Wendy, his napkin designs are amazing.

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