Lavish Flowers That Mummy Dearest Would Love For Mother’s Day

On any occasion, there’s really nothing like receiving flowers — but on Mother’s Day, a bouquet of long-stemmed crimson roses can feel “tear-jerkingly” special.

Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away (it’s 12 May for those about to frantically search online) so it’s time to rally on the gift-planning front. To that demand, Gift Flowers has a few ideas to share… plus free delivery. Let’s just say they’ve curated a blooming hit-list right here.


Knowing mom’s, they’ll be happy with just about anything, even a simple handmade card, but here are some extra nice suggestions that will leave yours spellbound. From artful arrangements of purple hyacinthus to yellow tulips and more, these elegant flower boxes promise to have them glowing with happiness.

1. Bohemian Fantasy, $185
2. Summer Symphony, $129
3. Pretty Peachy, $185
4. Fantasy Ranunculuses & Hyacinths, $149
5. Golden Flash, $199
6. Rosy Purple, $199
7. Fit For A Queen, $230


Left to right: Scented Dream ($79), White Romance ($79), Regal Roses ($79)

Gift Flower’s mission is to offer up a symbol of appreciation and love to your loved ones. This is translated in bright and sophisticated boxes of fresh blooms and features a feminine and romantic palette of white, pink and red roses.

1. Scented Dream, $79
2. White Romance, $79
3. Regal Roses, $79


mother's day flowers
Left to right: Mixed Eustoma ($110), Carnations & Yellow Snapdragon ($105), Carnations & Baby Breath ($95)

If you’re planning on staying simple and sweet, these flower bouquets pack just enough punch. Let your dear ol’ mother know that you see her as an uplifting and colourful individual, for whom you wish to express your appreciation for her years of love and patience.

1. Mixed Eustoma Bouquet, $110
2. Carnations & Yellow Snapdragon Bouquet, $105
3. Carnations & Baby Breath Bouquet, $95
Written by Sinead Lee.

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