The NYLON Team Spends A Month On Carousell

Founded in 2012, Carousell is no stranger to most of us. The online mobile platform is a virtual marketplace where you can buy and sell a huge variety of items. The local startup’s snap-list-sell app ‘makes selling as easy as taking a photo, buying as simple as chatting’. We tried the app for ourselves to see what the entire buying and selling process is really like.

But first, the team did some “spring-cleaning” and found some preloved (and even almost brand new) items we thought others would use and appreciate a lot more to list on our Carousell account. Also, the proceeds from the Mother’s Day gift bags, SASA gift bags, black briefcase and uncollected giveaway items were all donated to TOUCH Community Services.

The process was fairly simple. All we had to do was take pictures of the items, list them under appropriate categories, give them appropriate titles, set suitable prices, and then complete with item descriptions and payment methods! Here’s how our Carousell account looks like:






Pictures are a must when it comes to Carousell. Buyers want to know what they’ll be getting when they make a transaction, so it’s extra important to take clear pictures that show the item well.



  • take several pictures
    In order to allow our buyers know what exactly we’re putting up for sale, we took several pictures of each item to showcase the items to the best of our ability. If the item was already packaged in a box for an example, the buyer might want to see everything that’s included in the box, so it may be better to take pictures of what’s inside the box, rather than pictures of the box itself. Of course, since Carousell allows you to upload multiple images of the item you’re selling, you can always take pictures of the box before taking pictures of the items inside the box. It’s best that the first image is one that shows everything inside the box though!




Carousell Suggesting Appropriate Categories and Titles For Listings


Categorise your items in the various categories available to help buyers find your listings more easily when they scroll through items in those categories. You don’t have to worry too much about this part though, as the app suggests categories for your items based on pictures you’ve taken of the item. Plus, most of the categories and titles suggested were accurate, much to our surprise!




Item Description of Mini Melissa Cute Bag + Mickey


Item descriptions help give the buyer more information about the items that they may otherwise not know about based on pictures alone.



    • keep your item descriptions concise and simple
      A lengthy description may work against you if the buyer has no idea what you’re talking about. Descriptions in prose and list form are commonly seen on the app, so which one you prefer is up to you. It would be good to list down measurements and specs of your items too, as buyers would most likely want to know about such information.




An Example Of Bargaining We Encountered


Bargaining is a common practice on Carousell, so don’t be too shocked if you encounter low ballers.



  • check how much others are selling the same item for
    If you’re not sure how much you should sell the item for, do a quick search on the app to see how much others are selling the same item for before making a decision. Don’t be too quick to list your items lower than the Carousell market price though, as you may end up selling your items at prices lower than intended due to the bargaining practice on the app.




Our Payment and Collection Method


Various modes of payment and collection are available when dealing on Carousell, and it’s all up to you and the other party to decide what’s best. We chose to do cash on collection, meaning buyers would come down to our office to check and collect their items before paying. It’s undoubtedly convenient for us, but for the other party? Not so. We missed out on a few deals as buyers wanted to meet up at other locations instead, which was a pity.



  • use CarouPay for a safer transaction
    If you’re afraid of being scammed, then consider using CarouPay, a new payment method recently introduced by Carousell. It allows for instant payment through credit card, debit card and DBS PayLah!. Don’t be sceptical of paying in-app though, as CarouPay ensures that payment is held by Carousell until both buyer and seller are happy with the transaction!



The whole experience, from uploading the listing to making a transaction, was convenient and seamless. The user-friendly app is easy to use even for those who aren’t tech-savvy, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that it is widely used locally and in other parts of the world. Sure, some of you may have had bad experiences dealing with people on Carousell, but that aside, the NYLON team thought it is a great app for you to buy and sell items anytime, anywhere (as long as you have the app downloaded on your phone). Try it out yourself if you haven’t done so!


Download Carousell on the App Store or on Google Play.
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