It’s Not Just Westworld, Singapore’s Cityscape Appears in Other Films Too

You might’ve caught a familiar sight in the Westworld season 3 trailer that dropped a few days ago. At about the 50-second mark, the trailer featured a futuristic Singapore cityscape at night.

Yet nobody picked this up until Reddit user u/Cherenkov_blue posted a screenshot about it. Apparently, it was the Maybank Tower and its prominent “yellow banner” that gave it away.

Screengrab of the Westworld trailer from YouTube

Here’s a comparison:

Screengrab comparison. Top photo taken from homeiswhereyourbagis.

Redditor BT-Reddit pointed out that only the right half of the image (starting from UOB Plaza One) is accurate. And thinks that “the image is flipped laterally”. You can find the Reddit thread here.

If you look closely, the left side isn’t part of our skyline and could probably be a mashup of several futuristic cityscapes – a link to season 3’s plot where the hosts have left the park and entered the real world, which looks more like a typical sci-fi landscape.

Singapore’s quite the celebrity

Singapore’s city skyline is as mesmerising a backdrop as you can get and that’s why it’s no surprise to see it turn up in other films as well.

Just like it did in Detective Conan: The First of Blue Sapphire. It’s the 23rd movie of the popular anime franchise that screened in theatres last month. MBS, the Singapore Flyer, and Maxwell food Centre are just a few landmarks that appeared in the movie set entirely in Singapore.

Check out the trailer below, there’s even our Merlion vomiting blood.

An amazing level of detail of Singapore featured in an anime

But it doesn’t just stop there. Another anime series Sora yori mo Tooi Basho (A Place Further Than The Universe) dedicated an entire episode to Singapore.

There was a ridiculous amount of detail in the artwork. Scenes from Changi Airport and ION Orchard to Maxwell Food Centre were true-to-life portrayals. A Facebook post went viral with a collection of screengrabs showcasing how accurate the artwork was.

Every. Single. Thing. Is. Location. Accurate.From Changi Airport to Orchard Ion and Tangs to MBS to MBS light show to…

Posted by Ahmad Syalabi on Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Check out some of the scenes below:

Maxwell Food Centre. Taken from FB/Ahmad Syalabi
Shot of the Helix Bridge, MBS, and Art Science Museum.Taken from FB/Ahmad Syalabi
ION Orchard. Taken from FB/Ahmad Syalabi
Flight information at Changi Airport. Taken from FB/Ahmad Syalabi

If you do some digging around, you’ll realise that there are actually a lot more movies that feature Singapore. From this Wiki list alone, there are about 200-plus international and local movies either depicted or set in Singapore. How about that. Singapore Tourism Board must be very happy with all these free advertisements for Singapore.