Whisk Yourself Away To Capri With Lanvin’s Breezy New Scent

Scents always take us to our favourite memories — and the best ones paint our imagination in the most wondrous ways, taking us to a specific moment in time, or places rendered in vivid colour. Ever wanted to bottle a memory for keepsakes? That’s how fragrances are inspired, whether it’s a glorious afternoon curled up with a book, the clean smell of fresh Spring rain, or the magic hour glow. So believe us when we say Lanvin’s latest scent makes us feel we’re basking under the Italian sun.

Here to whisk you away is Lanvin’s ‘A Girl in Capri’ — a bright, alluring and summery fragrance that spells seaside perfection.

The Scent

‘A Girl in Capri’ will remind you of your best summer holidays — as it did for all of us — iced lemonade in hand as you’re looking out at the vast blue sea. Your breath slows to a resting pace, and away from everything else, you’re calm, in an island paradise of your imagination. Ah, a girl can dream.

Seriously though, I love the first whiff. It’s a fresh burst of citrus that you don’t get very often; that zesty tang seems to sharpen your senses briefly, before mellowing into a sweeter floral. With Primafiore lemon among its top notes, a variety known for its exceptionally fragrant oil, combined with a touch of playful Pink Peppercorns, the fragrance opens like an adventure.

What does stay with you after is a sweeter floral-musk, partly because the elegant aroma of Grapefruit Blossom starts to seep in, followed by a subtle Seaspray Accord — a genius move by perfumer Sophie Labbé, so there’s a touch of the salty sea. This then evolves into the base notes of Driftwood, which gives a woody texture, along with White Musk and Amber to round it up. All in all, you’ll realise that the Lanvin scent is a pleasant and radiant day scent; it’ll be hard to find someone who’ll dislike it.

For fragrance aficionados, here’s a comprehensive breakdown:

  • Top Notes: Primafiore lemon ; Bergamot ; Pink Peppercorns
  • Heart: Grapefruit Blossom, Seaspray Accord
  • Base Notes: Driftwood, White Musk, Amber

The Inspiration

Naturally, you’ll be wondering about the person Lanvin has in mind while creating — that ‘Girl in Capri’, so to speak. The inspiration lies in the locale just as much as the woman who embodies it. Think Capri, and what comes to mind are the Mediterranean seaside towns that overlook the aquamarine waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Somehow, it’s always golden sun rays, a glow that filters into quiet alleyways, very subtly.

In the same way, this one’s for the girl who embraces summer; a dreamy, carefree soul that radiates joy as much as the scent does. Points for that subtle charisma. To capture that vibe, we naturally turned to Rebecca, whom you might know as @beccabeczten.


Her Instagram feed, essentially her point-of-view, is both captivating and inspirational, as she imbues almost a magical, surreal touch to her travel photos. In short: wanderlust. Becca’s the kind of girl whose hair effortlessly catches the sea breeze along with your Instagram hearts — never feeling posed — so you can see why she’s as refreshing as the Lanvin fragrance.

While she’s now the subject of our photo series, we’ll also say that she has an eye for good aesthetics too. Again, cue that dreamy feed and the videos she shoots and edits. If you’re perpetually in the mood for travel, especially to sunny locales, ‘A Girl in Capri’ might just capture your vibe.

The Bottle

No doubt, the bottle’s design has to honour the sweet aroma within, and we think this one does it justice. The transparent glass is tinged with a sunny glow, perfectly rounded without sharp edges as it lets the light in — it’s also meant to look like handblown glass that fits snugly in your hand, a nod to the artisanal Italian tradition. The cap’s a pure white combined with a hint of gilded gold, which mirrors its elegance, and yet there’s a scribble of vivid pink across the bottle too, as if it’s a memory you want to jot down. And really, with a fragrance as charming as ‘A Girl in Capri’, we’ll want to take this along for our summer escapades too.


Lanvin A Girl In Capri Eau de Toilette, $59 (30ml), $79 (50ml), $119 (90ml). Available at Metro Paragon from 28 June, and islandwide in leading department stores from 5 July.


PHOTOGraphy by Wylie Wang, using the canon eos rp.
Images shot at MERCI MARCEL, 56 ENG HOON STREET, #01-68