The Signorina Ribelle Is Confidence And Femininity In A Bottle

Just like one’s personal preferences on hairstyles and liquid lipsticks, a trademark perfume is just as meaningful when it comes to expressing oneself — which in turn, establishes your personal sense of character. Remember, #Youareyourbrand.

Tempting beauty and fragrance whiz kids, Salvatore Ferragamo’s new olfactory chapter wants to be that friendly little reminder to upgrade your stash of perfumes you’ve retired to your side drawer. Inspired by the modern and fearless young woman, the Signorina Ribelle delivers on a fierce, yet graceful and romantic scent.

Ferragamo Signorina Ribelle

Whilet he overload of densely floral scents already appears to be a tad “been there, done that” in the beauty industry, the Signorina Ribelle is well-balanced with the rounded ruggedness of musk and deep sandalwood.

It is complemented with a burst of white floral notes — the star of the Ribelle — Tiaré, as well as notes of orange flowers and ylang-ylang, culminating a refreshing and effortlessly seductive scent without being overbearing. Here, the energetic and fruity mandarin and red pear mingle with gourmand notes of Italian vanilla Gelato alongside exotic coconut milk.

This is a woody, fruity perfume Salvatore Ferragamo claims to be the definition of your fearless self imbued in strength, confidence and charisma. If you like your fragrance on the better side of adventurous, you’ll adore the Signorina Ribelle. Pick it up at Takashimaya!

The aroma, a sweet yet not cloying blend that is both intensely floral and citrus, makes for a fabulous evening scent, particularly for a night out sipping cocktails with friends on a rooftop bar.


Like the other perfumes in the Signorina series such as Signorina Eau de Parfum and Signorina Misteriosa, you’ll see the concoction housed in the same, rectangular glass bottle, but this time, the Ribelle flaçon hones in on a bold fuchsia embellished with the house’s iconic grosgrain Vara bow.

From the Signorina collection of fragrances, expect a masterclass in combining ingredients that seem at odds with each other. Misteriosa plays on your inner desires and has notes of wild blackberry and orange blossom. The zesty sweetness of orange is balanced with the black vanilla! As for Eleganzsa, it sets to emulate grace and seduction with a slew of fresh notes: almond, osmanthus, patchouli and white leather. The epitome of luxurious? You know it.

Written by Sinead Lee.

The new SIGNORINA RIBELLE FROM SALVATORE FERRAGAMO is available in 30ml ($111), 50ml ($158), 100ml ($212) at Takashimaya.
For more information, visit FERRAGAMO.COM