It Bags of 2010s: Iconic Arm Candies of This Decade

We are all at the crossroads of feelings with the realisation that this decade is drawing to a close all too soon. As we mull over questions of where all that time went and how we have chosen to spend it, the one thing that is affirmative of any tangible progress is our expanding bags collection. We must be doing something vaguely right hopefully if we are able to feed our inner bagaholic fiend through the years, no?

While we look back in fondness of all that’s good in the years perplexingly forgotten, our bags make reliable bookmarks as vessels to remind us of those memories. With that, check out the hottest bags of this decade that had their minute of fame and then some, and see if any of them have graduated from your wish-list to your wardrobe as you head into the uncertain future together.


2010 Céline Luggage


Celine Mini Luggage, $4,200


The unmistakable design of the Céline (yes, back when it had its accent) Luggage tote marked a revolution of a bold new identity in womenswear – the Philophile. Classified in layman terms as the intelligent woman who balances her professional and personal commitments impeccably whilst looking low-key. This stealth-wealth marker resonated with women globally who have long yearned to be represented and understood in an industry dominated by men in high places, and the Luggage became their symbol. Roomy and unfussy, the Luggage imbues the idea that a woman can actually be busy and look effortlessly chic at the same time. Surely a sentiment that many have long embodied or aspire to be. So, it leaves little to see how it has since become the staple for many.


2011 – Givenchy Antigona


Givenchy Antigona, $2,990


Givenchy is no stranger when it comes to being name-checked in fashion’s history books. With Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s wardrobe still a point of reference for many designers in present day. This longstanding rapport with pop culture continues in this decade with the Antigona being a favourite with global celebrities like Rihanna and Hailey Bieber. The Antigona’s clean architectural lines make for a posh silhouette that works seamlessly when paired with your everyday outfits. And often, it’s clever and deceptively simple design that are tooled to transcend trends and become classics.


2012 – Chanel Boy


Chanel Boy, $6,620


Inspired by the great love of the label’s eponymous founder, Boy Capel was known to be an avid hunter and the bag which carries his namesake was referenced from the sturdiness and appearance of a hunter’s cartridge bag. Debuting in 2011, the Boy became a familiar face by appearing on the shoulders of nearly everyone the following year. Now a part of the mainstay collection at Chanel, the Boy’s legacy is said to rival in customers’ demand to the label’s legendary Flap.


2013 – Saint Laurent Sac de Jour


Saint Laurent Sac de Jour, $4,090


Hedi Slimane, a household name for fashion consumers who worship the rockstar look and lifestyle of his reinvention of Saint Laurent, would know that the Sac de Jour was the pièce de résistance of his debut collection responsible for sky-rocketing the label’s stock value. The Sac de Jour’s minimalist design is harkened to the Birkin, though with a significantly incomparable price tag and a much higher commercial appeal to the masses. Also, often when one buys into a label, it’s often not because of a product, but the culture and mood it personifies, and we have all wanted to be Slimane’s inimitable brand of cool at that point in time.


2014 – Gucci Soho Disco


Gucci Soho Disco


Unpretentiousness is a virtue appreciated in any shape or form, but perhaps especially so if it was in the likeness of a Gucci bag. The unassuming Soho Disco became a social media darling after it was slowly discovered in stores and gradually became the if-you-know-you-know bag of the season. Referenced from Gucci’s archives, the vintage-looking pebbled leather bag was an easy pick for those who favoured reliable timelessness in function and appearance.


2015 Mansur Gavriel Bucket


Mansur Gavriel Bucket, $1,100


The most impactful surprises are so because we least expect them. Hence, when then-relatively unknown label Mansur Gavriel’s Bucket bag burst into the luxury scene, its elusiveness, competitive price point, and notable quality (by word of mouth from those who have it to those who don’t) soared the label’s awareness globally seemingly overnight. At peak popularity, there were reportedly 56,732 people who have tried and failed to purchase the sell-out Bucket on e-commerce site Lyst, that’s 288 people for every single available bag. Fashion is hungry, and in 2015 it was insatiable for the Mansur Gavriel Bucket.


2016 – J. W. Anderson Pierce


J. W. Anderson Pierce, $1,712


In the saturated world of fashion design, it’s a challenge to come across something that strikes as original especially on the luxury level, where the risk of taking an idea or design too far is too expensive a gamble to take on. Then again, risks done right can work wonders for an expanding label, such is the case for J. W. Anderson and the Pierce bag. Subversive, edgy, and funny, Pierce’s design is likened to many things that may make you squirm i.e. piercings for intimate areas, sex toys, etc. but done in the most tasteful way possible. Its differentness and boldness were after all its biggest unique selling point, and we can’t think of any time when we don’t enjoy a little bit of humour.


2017 – Chloé Nile


Chloé Nile, $2,401

It Bags are noted for being instantly recognisable, and there’s no mistaking the statement bracelet handle hardware of the Chloé Nile. Playful yet elegant, the equestrian-inspired bag became a favourite on the street style scene for its distinctive appearance. Its feature to be carried on the shoulders, crossbody, or from its handles were also a contributing factor to its overwhelming popularity.


2018 – Gucci Marmont


Gucci Marmont


To say that Alessandro Michele’s Gucci caused a groundbreaking stir in the fashion landscape would be an understatement. In the digital age, news and images of anything and everything launching at Gucci is expected to be distributed en masse by #GucciGang and their far-reaching influence on social media. So when news and images of the Gucci Marmont flooded everyone’s Instagram feeds, it practically flew off the shelves the next minute. The now-iconic GG hardware is first seen on the Marmont has since made its starring reappearance in many of the label’s accessories and leather goods, essentially making it the defining item of today’s Gucci.


2019 – Jacquemus Le Chiquito


Jacquemus Le Chiquito, $701


There are few things that can sear itself in our memory more effectively when scrolling through social media feeds than a meme. Causing a stir in the fashion landscape of the recent past is the hilariously tiny Le Chiquito, that barely fits your keys and card. Despite its relative uselessness, the bag is hugely popular with the fashion crowd at-large when making a trend statement.  But it leaves one to question what’s the statement of the bag beyond the laughs it inspires. Perhaps we should try harder to declutter à la KonMari in the coming year? Or maybe we should buy better instead of buying more? Now that’s a new year resolution we can all get behind.