NYLON’s Holiday Gift Guide 2019

‘Tis the season to be jolly — and generous AF. So with the festive season just around the corner, we’re feeling in the mood to dish out… proper gift recommendations! Whether it’s your “influencer” friend who’s always making you go to great lengths for that oh-so-casual picture, the eco-warrior who’ll rage at your disposable coffee cup, or your favourite “quarter-life crisis” millennial who mutters ‘OK boomer’ under their passive-aggressive breaths — or hey, even that one colleague you drew for Secret Santa that you’ve never spoken to in your life — we’ve sussed out the perfect gifts for your friend, family, or significant other.

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In the words of Michael Bluth: “Her?” Who knew, the word “influencer” is still a buzzword in this oversaturated marketing landscape, but we’re not hating! Roll your eyes all you want, but we bet there’s a part that wishes you’d be half as glamorous, and 100% as good at an Instagram aesthetic as your social media-savvy friend — and that’s the real tea. It’s a tough life; there are no off-days to be had, but these people make it look easy. This is the girl, or guy, who owns their effortless style, the vlogger whose travel videos you’re saving for your own wanderlust goals, and the person who nails all their photos, thanks to the dedicated efforts of IG boyfriends/husbands out there (we salute you).

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When shopping for Christmas gifts, you don’t usually think of adjectives like practical and useful. But instead of getting caught up in strict lists, we’ve rounded up an assortment of homeware accessories that demonstrate how overlooked furniture accents such as marble vases and portable speakers can transform one’s home.

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You actually like your boss and want to get her something nice… pool together an office fund and invest in improving her life in small ways. After all, it’s the small things that matter and she’ll appreciate these (and hopefully you) more.

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“Please bring me something back from your trip.” A common sentiment said to all frequent travellers, we flipped the switch and made a list of gifts for them! Beyond those typical airport-friendly gifts, we’ve found the remedy for all adventurers in the form of travel-friendly facial cleansers to noise-cancelling headphones.

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We’re still not over Crazy Rich Asians, but are we even a little closer to earning that title? Probably not. Nevertheless, a girl can dream. Here’s a list for those who scoff at a price tag, for those who never check their credit score and those who simply don’t even know how much they have in their bank account, because it’s hard to keep track. This one’s for you, and the people lucky enough to know you.

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No one says no to food. (Except sometimes mom… who we know is secretly watching her weight.) We’ve trawled through the ever-crowded sea of food gift ideas to bring you our curated recommendations — some expected, some not so expected — for your shopping convenience. We know what you’re thinking: Sushi and fashion? Yes, sushi! Justification: Comes in delectable pouches and adorable packaging.

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Millennials get blamed for everything, from the failure of shopping malls, IRL dating and proper words (not another acronym!), to the slow death of print magazines — aha, this gets personal. Trust us, the struggle is real. We get it. But millennials are also a generation that’s inspiring much-need change, whether it’s demanding for body positivity and inclusivity in the media we consume, or being #woke and bold enough to call out what isn’t right. With class and humour, of course. For that proud millennial you know, it’s time you give out the participation awards.

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The VSCO girl — you either hate her, love her, or you are her. Wherever you stand, you can’t get rid of her. This Gen Z stereotype has somehow brought 90s trends back to life, despite these teenagers barely experiencing the 90s (if at all). When it comes to photos, clothing or even attempts to save the environment, a VSCO girl is all about her aesthetic — all while maintaining ~chill vibes~ of course. Whether you think you’re the embodiment of her, you want to be her or you’re still trying to figure out what exactly she is, here are a few things that might help you channel your inner VSCO girl.

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Is it really possible to save the world? This noble crusader will try, because the world isn’t completely lost. Not just yet. We can’t all reach Greta Thunberg levels of sustainable piety — I mean, she travels by boat — but we can too scream at the plastic bag-touting dissenters with a passion, because HOW DARE YOU.

You see, climate change is real, and global warming is ever-looming; you don’t need Al Gore to tell you that. Reusable straws, cups and bags are so necessary, but also pretty common by now, just, you know, don’t get 10 metal straws because what’s the point then? Here, we’re also celebrating a more well-rounded approach to sustainability, where finally, fashion has caught on. From recycled plastic and vegan leather, to less wasteful production processes, even cultural preservation, these are things a modern eco-warrior can appreciate. And yes, it’s okay if you’re tempted to get one for yourself too. 

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Blizzcon, D23, E3 — if you’re familiar with any two of these, welcome to the world of the gamer geek. Not to be confused with ‘gamer girl’, a problematic stereotype of women in the gaming world, we’re talking about the real girls (and guys) who game. You see, we don’t judge — PVP or RPG, whether you’re trolling virtual villagers on Untitled Goose Game or mashing keys on PUBG; performing malicious teabags on Overwatch, being the team carry, again, on DOTA, or lootin’ it up on Borderlands 3. Heck, Pokémon trainers, we got you too. So, for your gaming-obsessed buddy who has more of a social presence on Twitch than IRL, it’s time to go on the offensive and show how much they’re the MVP of your life too. Pay-to-win finally makes sense!

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What is pop culture? Yes, we know, popular culture, but that spans across anything trendy, whether it’s the latest “TV” series you’ve just binge-watched on Netflix, that classic movie you can lovingly quote entire dialogues from, or even a celebrity you’d pay an arm and leg to take a selfie with. We can all agree on one thing though — any pop culture success spawns dedicated devotees. You’ll see them in droves at this Singapore’s own Comic Con, but you’ll also know someone who’d happily shell out precious coins for a real lightsaber (true story, already did that); who’d launch into a well-researched debate on whether Thanos is justified in his massacre; or a friend who’s up in arms over something trivial as whether Die Hard‘s a Christmas movie. You’ll soon learn that nothing’s trivial, so treat all fandoms with equal respect. Be their No.1 fan then, with these on-trend treats.

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Listen up, buds. In this day and age, whether you’re at home chilling or out and about running errands, music is everywhere. From the safe, vanilla sounds of elevator music to your favourite pop, techno, rock or indie tracks on Spotify you’ve got yourself grooving to, there’s never a day that goes by without it. So if you consider yourself a true connoisseur of music or you generally enjoy jamming out to your favourite tunes, then it’s only reasonable to invest in pieces that bring joy to your ears. In this roundup, we’ve pooled a list any music lovers will be thrilled to get this Christmas — from your vintage record players to shades that double up as a pair of headphones.

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Being a new parent is a tough job — satisfying for sure, but if you’re watching from the sidelines, perhaps only enviable to an extent. If you know peers who’ve just welcomed a baby into their lives, or are about to, you’ll discover how much their lives will change. Things like, the name of every member of Hi-5 (both original and second-generation cast) becoming fun facts in conversations; or songs like “Baby Shark” appearing at the top of their YouTube playlists. Calm their frazzled nerves and sudden lack of a social life with these gifts, ranging from the super practical, to the welcome distractions; both are equally relevant.

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Literally no one:

Me: “I want one!”

Christmas shopping can be a chore — what do you get for the person who has everything? How about for the person who seemingly wants nothing? And for the person you hardly know? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who stresses out around the holidays. For all of you who feel the same, we have just the solution for you. Useless things — things nobody really wants until they find out they actually exist. Here’s a list of the perfect non-gifts — no one’s actually going to ask for any of these things, but no one’s going to complain about receiving them either. This one’s for those people who have everything and need nothing.

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Consider yourself a total glamper, a backcountry expert or someone who just loves being outside? Whether you love camping, chilling out with your pals over some barbecue, or even lounging in your backyard (or to put in local context; lounging in a field or by the beach with your loved ones), then you’ve come to the right page. Here, we’ve curated a list of uncommon gear picks that you can get for that outdoorsy friend of yours this Christmas who hate being inside.

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You might never know why, but this fitness junkie prides their exercise regime and strict diet above the finer things in life — and yeah, they have the sculpted body to prove it. No hate though, we admire their zest for the sweat life. Not just wishful thinking (you know, the old 2019 new year resolution you forgot about?), being this healthy and active takes a lot of determination, motivation and above all, patience. But because we’re demanding better for ourselves this year and years to come, our wishlist from the sports category contains more than just basic activewear. Lending the midas touch of functionality, expect high-performance fitness watches to customisable sports bras. Add to cart.

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Know someone who likes to fix things? Yeah… so do we… our Editor. Not that there are that many issues to fix around the office, right! *polite smile* Well, your regular Mr. or Ms. D-I-Y tend to be really crafty and creative, great at anything practical and hands-on, while they also enjoy the challenge of figuring things out and putting things together their own. IKEA furniture? No problem! Nothing beats the satisfaction of total self-reliance. From LEGO to craft projects, these D-I-Y kits will keep that person busy and out of your hair. 

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Mugs, ties, socks and vouchers… these are the painfully cliché gifts you can get (or receive) this Christmas. In case you’ve run out of ideas of what to get that friend of yours who said he/she wants “anything” then you’ve come to the right place. After carefully sorting through the different gift ideas, these are some of the most universally “well-loved and thoughtful” gifts that your santee would appreciate this festive season.

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