We Tried YSL Beauty’s Latest Pure Shots Serums And They Transformed Our Skin

With an abundance of serums to choose from today, it comes as no surprise that you’d be inundated with what the beauty industry has got to offer. Same goes for us. See, I’ve been constantly trying out new serums as well, those that aim to fix my dull, tired skin, without compromising on my schedule or involving extra steps in my daily skincare regime — only a few live up to those claims. Add on our hectic urban lifestyles, and it’s no wonder time-saving products have become such a priority these days.

Enter YSL Beauty’s highly anticipated Pure Shots range. With a background in luxury fragrances, makeup and skincare, YSL Beauty has made a name of its own in the beauty sector, boasting quality products that actually deliver.

The new Pure Shots range sets itself apart from the others with a reinvented skincare experience that’s catered to the urban woman’s lifestyle habits. The reality of it all: we live in a fast-paced world where we have little or no time to spare when it comes to giving our skin the TLC it deserves. As part of its new motto, “Live Fast. Stay Young.”, YSL Beauty recognises our needs, and aims instead for a multi-tasking range that doesn’t change our lifestyle, only our skin — for the better, we might add.

Ahead, a preview of what the collection has to offer as we put them to the test.


Infused with potent ingredients for your skin, the ingredients in the YSL Beauty Pure Shots range are sourced from Morocco, those grown right in the heart of YSL Beauty’s own Ourika Garden, where powerful, resistant plants are grown to produce powerful active ingredients with strong benefits for the skin. A cold extraction process is used for the potent, highly effective botanical active ingredients as well, while all the products are formulated to deliver this trio of effects:

  • Reloading and treating the skin at its core
  • Correcting urban marks on the skin (tiredness, lines, sagginess, dullness and dehydration)
  • Results in skin that’s instantly and visibly improved

The new collection sees four new serums — Night Reboot Serum, Lines Away Serum, Light Up Serum, Y Shape Serum — a Hydra Bounce Essence-in-Lotion and a Perfect Plumper Cream to add to its range. To find out more about each of the coveted product from the collection, keep on reading.


function: night-time regeneration
KEY INGREDIENT: Moonlight Cactus — smoother and radiant skin
YSL Beauty Pure Shots Night Reboot Serum, $139. Available at TANGS.


Known as the star product from YSL Beauty’s Pure Shots range, the Night Reboot Serum takes the cake with its potent formula of botanicals that work to regenerate the skin while protecting it against oxidative stress on the surface. There’s also a groundbreaking bi-phase (exfoliator-in-oil) formula that combines moonlight cactus and glycolic acid.

  • Moonlight Cactus – protects skin cells to reboot and regenerate the skin.
  • Glycolic Acid – exfoliates and removes dead skin cells while treating scarring, skin discolouration and signs of ageing.


Incorporate two pumps of the serum to your night skincare routine to correct signs of fatigue to make you look fresher in the morning while correcting other urban marks over the long term after each use.


Serums are usually gooier — the Night Reboot Serum, on the other hand, has a water-like texture that’s lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin — leaving no oily residue.


“This one’s a bi-phase formula that looks pretty, but more importantly, is made up of a blend of glycolic acid with moisturising oils and moonlight cactus flower, that you’ll have to shake and mix before use.

The texture’s rather surprising — it’s very fluid and watery, such that the two pumps that I’m supposed to use, instantly sinks in upon contact, which took some getting used to at first since I was more accustomed to serums with a less flowy consistency. I like that the formula’s gently exfoliating though, and yet because of the Moonlight Cactus that protects the skin, it never felt irritated. On my first use, there was a light tingling effect, which is normal due to the serum’s skin-smoothening properties, but nothing too unbearable.

My skin didn’t react throughout too! The best part comes in the morning after use. Whatever tiredness I had subjected my skin to the day before does not show, and instead, my face looks less dull, and brighter, more energised. I’d reach for this the next time I need an overnight perk-me-up.” — Amelia, Deputy Editor


function: banish dullness
Key Ingredient: Marshmallow Flower — radiant skin tone
YSL Beauty Pure Shots Light Up Serum, $139. Available at TANGS.


When your face starts to appear lacklustre, flat, or simply dull, your skincare routine needs a switch up, stat. For a boost in radiance, peep this new contender from the range — the Pure Shots Light Up Serum.  With a blend of Marshmallow Flower and Vitamin Cg, the serum gives a boost of instant radiance and an even complexion — fighting skin dullness over time with each use!

  • Marshmallow Flower – protects the skin from external aggressors to prevent the overproduction of melanin.
  • Vitamin Cg – otherwise known as a synthetic form of Vitamin C, the ingredient possess similar benefits such as curbing the over-production of melanin, brightening and reduces dark spots.


With the help of its Chroma Corrective technology, the serum works to boost skin’s radiance and corrects the skin tone at the same time.


Add a pump of the serum on your hand and you’ll notice that it comes with a lightweight, milky texture that goes on smoothly without leaving a white cast. In fact, it absorbs quickly and gives a soft and refreshing finish.


“For someone who’s always staying up late at night, I’m certainly guilty of having more than a few nights of less-than-great sleep — which obviously contributed to my ever-so-dull skin complexion. So when I first got my hand on the Light Up Serum, I was exhilarated to incorporate into my skincare routine which consisted of the usual cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser (on lazy days).

First off, I used the serum every night for 2 weeks diligently and believe it or not, I could see the difference. It’s lightweight and it absorbs pretty fast as compared to your usual oil-based serums. Though my sleep pattern has been consistent throughout the 2 weeks, my complexion has visibly improved. Now I wouldn’t say I saw a difference after one night of using it, but after each use, I could eventually tell that my skin got a lot brighter and it was more radiant than it was before.” — Shazrina, Writer


function: smooth out wrinkles
Key Ingredient: Iris Root — firmer skin
YSL Beauty Pure Shots Lines Away Serum, $139. Available at TANGS.


We can better our skin at any age, but when it comes to anti-ageing, it’s always best to start early — especially if you’re in your 20s or 30s. In this case, look over to YSL Beauty’s Pure Shots Lines Away Serum for the ultimate fix. When it comes to reducing lines and wrinkles over time, boosting your skin’s moisture levels is key in maintaining a smooth and supple complexion.  Formulated with an optimal dose of hyaluronic acid and boosted by iris root, this serum works to nourish and firms the skin with its potent blend of botanicals.

  • Hyaluronic Acid – increases skin moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Iris Root – targets fine lines and dullness while it nourishes and firms the skin.


With its micro-filling technology, the Lines Away Serum has a soft and creamy texture that envelopes the skin with a veil of moisture and softness — which eventually results in lines and wrinkles that are blurred and skin that’s more supple.


In terms of texture, the serum has a velvety soft feel that smooths over the skin seamlessly. It also leaves a soft veil of moisture that feels hydrating on the skin.


“First off, I love the bottles! The angular, clear outer shell is a neat sight to behold, while the serums themselves are housed in refillable containers (eco-friendly!) that you can always swap out after you’re done.

Now, the Lines Away Serum has a very clear purpose: to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, of course. Although an anti-ageing formula, the serum was still lightweight and absorbed quickly without any unpleasant sticky residue.

When used in the evenings, I wake up to noticeably plump, firm skin — I might need more than a week to see more visible results with my (still) very fine lines, but it’s looking good so far. The biggest change though, was on my neck. After regularly using this for a week, those lines (no doubt, from constantly looking down at my phone) truly looked less obvious and more “filled in”. Definitely looking forward to more of a difference!” — Amelia, Deputy Editor


function: fight sagginess
Key Ingredient: Barbary Fig — softer and smoother skin
YSL Beauty Pure Shots Y Shape Serum, $139. Available at TANGS.


There are two reasons why skin would eventually start to sag: firstly due to the loss of collagen — caused by a variety of reasons which include long exposures under the sun — and the loss of facial fat. For instant firmness and a sculpted face over time, the Y Shape Serum comes formulated with Barbary Fig and Peptide to deliver the perfect dose of firming to support the skin’s structure while strengthening its innate building mechanism.

  • Barbary Fig – stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid; delivering anti-ageing properties — such as skin renewal, radiance and fine lines — while firming the skin.
  • Peptide – supports the skin’s structure.


With the help of its liquid micro-emulsion technology, the Y Shape Serum is lightweight and penetrates quickly into the skin to deliver active ingredients to its core for instantly firmer skin and a more sculpted face.


It comes with a water-like texture that’s supposed to be “five times thinner” than classic cosmetic water — therefore, the skin absorbs the serum at a much faster rate than the usual serums.


“I tend to leave serums out of my morning routine and it’s only because I dread waiting for my skin to absorb everything in before I start dabbing my face with makeup. But when I tried this Y Shape serum, I was in awe with how lightweight it was. It feels as light as water (or even lighter), and it absorbs the quickest amongst the other serums from the range. The only downside: I wasn’t too sure how much I was putting on my face so I saw myself using more than just the recommended 2 pumps for my face. Besides that, I really liked how it didn’t have a sticky finish to it and it also made my skin a lot clearer too — my pores were tightened and my skin was more radiant. When used with a facial roller, the Y Shape Serum also helped in contouring my face and it reduced facial bloating in the morning.” — Shazrina, Writer


function: hydrates skin
Key Ingredient: Orange Blossom — supple and comfortable skin
YSL Beauty Pure Shots Hydra Bounce Essence-in-Lotion, $99. Available at TANGS.


For those with dry or dehydrated skin, the YSL Beauty Hydra Bounce Essence-in-Lotion comes in handy when you’re in dire need of a boost of hydration. Made with a blend of Orange Blossom and Vitamins E & B3, the new formula works to replenish moisture, improve skin hydration and restore skin’s elasticity.

  • Orange Blossom – soothes overworked skin and boosts the vitality of vitamins and anti-ageing ribose. Also provides hydration and promotes soft, supple skin.
  • Vitamins E & B3 – protects the skin from urban aggressors (i.e. smoke, UV rays, and stress)


The microdroplets found in the Hydra Bounce Essence-in-Lotion deliver instant hydration and comfort, with a unique synergy of ingredients that strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier.


The lotion slathers on evenly onto the skin with its water-oil formula that absorbs well into the skin. Though it may have a cream-like finish, the lotion is lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.


“I’ve always stuck the ol’ ‘Cleanse, Tone, Serum, Moisturise’ routine until this lotion came about. Though it can’t exactly replace any of the steps in my regime, this additional step was the only exception I made these past 2 weeks. After incorporating it, I felt a slight difference in my skin texture — it was softer and much more supple than it was before. Then again, giving it the benefit of the doubt of the other serums and moisturiser I was using at the same time. Nevertheless, the lotion worked well for my skin — I didn’t experience any breakouts, it’s hydrating, and it smells so good!” — Shazrina, Writer 


function: replenish thin skin
Key Ingredient: Orange Blossom — supple and comfortable skin
YSL Beauty Pure Shots Perfect Plumper Cream, $169. Available at TANGS.


Last but not least, YSL Beauty’s Pure Shots Perfect Plumper Cream. Similar to the Hydra Bounce Essence-in-Lotion, the cream is formulated with Orange Blossom as its key ingredient, which works to soothe the skin and revitalises the skin to be more receptive to its other ingredient, anti-ageing ribose. After each use, the cream helps to re-plump the skin and slowly starts to erase all signs of ageing; be it lines, wrinkles, sagging or dullness.

  • Orange Blossom – soothes overworked skin and boosts the vitality of vitamins and anti-ageing ribose. Also provides hydration and promotes soft, supple skin.
  • Ribose – reenergizes tired skin.


This fast-acting cream by YSL Beauty, along with its signature blend of botanicals, delivers a powerful dose of moisture and prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Infused with colour-correcting micro-pearls, the cream works to brighten the look of dull skin. Aside from that, it also comes with three complex textures that range from thick, thin and fresh — for a sensorial journey that’s unlike any other!

  • Thick – gives a soothing, comforting finish
  • Thin – blends in well into the skin and absorbs quickly
  • Fresh – feels smooth and fresh after each application
YSL Beauty Pure Shots Perfect Plumper Cream, $169. Available at TANGS.


The texture of the cream goes on a little thicker but it melts evenly into the skin, leaving a soft and dewy finish — revealing a glowing complexion.


“I’m pretty selective when it comes to moisturisers so when I first tried the Perfect Plumper Cream, I was pretty sceptical about what I was about to try. Texture-wise, I wasn’t impressed at first because I wasn’t a fan of heavy creams and only for one good reason: I feared the reality of having to deal with an oily complexion from heavy-duty creams. But, to my pleasant surprise, this cream wasn’t what I had expected it to be. In fact, it was actually lightweight, it melted into my skin within seconds and absorbed really quickly (which by now, you could tell, was one of the things I like the most when it comes to my skincare routine). Also, I felt that my skin was a little plumper and it gave me a nice glowy finish — setting the perfect base for my makeup.” — Shazrina, Writer 


Now, it doesn’t end there. The YSL Beauty Pure Shots has taken the extra step in its luxury packaging with its trendy, practical and sustainable approach. With its compact and practical eco-design, the YSL Beauty Pure Shots bottles come encased in a transparent bottle which reveals the different hues of each serum, accompanied with a sleek black cap, engraved with the brand’s initials on the top.

What’s unique about this is that you can swivel out the cream or serum from the bottle and replace it with the next serum of your choice (or even refill it), while using the same packaging! Not to mention, the Hydra Bounce Essence-in-Lotion bottle is also recyclable — so you can do your part for the Earth while looking good!


If you’re curious about this product and you’re dying to try how well it works for your skin, here’s your chance! YSL Beauty will be giving away 3 x Hydra Essence-in-Lotion and 3 x Night Reboot sachets from the YSL Beauty Pure Shots range for a limited period of time! Also, with every purchase of YSL Beauty’s Pure Shots Night Reboot Serum this month, you will also get an exclusive Pure Shots Pouch with a deluxe Perfect Plumper Cream and Hydra Bounce Essence-in-Lotion to go along with!



The YSL Beauty Pure Shots includes: Night Reboot Serum ($139), Lines Away Serum ($139), Light Up Serum ($139), Y Shape Serum ($139) — a Hydra Bounce Essence-in-Lotion ($99) and a Perfect Plumper Cream ($169). Now available at all YSL Beauty stores at ION Orchard, Vivocity, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Metro Paragon, TANGS at Tang Plaza, BHG Bugis, and Takashimaya S.C. and online at TANGS and Metro.