Beauty Products that Kill Germs

There’s no better time than the present to practice good hygiene with our beauty tools and choice of beauty products. The following are convenient and stylish products that kill germs and help you stay cleaner.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner
$12 from

How long has it been since you washed your makeup brushes? Think about it… the amount of bacteria on your brushes can lead to not just awful breakouts, but a serious eye infection. While it’s good to do a thorough cleansing at least once a week, not everyone has the discipline; that’s where this spray comes in. Just keep it in your makeup box with your brushes, and give them a spritz after every use, then wipe dry with tissue paper. It’s convenient, affordable, and certainly less gross than not washing your brushes at all.

C.O. Bigelow Cold and Flu Soak Herbal Formula
US$18.60 from

This therapeutic herbal formula is a blend of Cajeput Oil, Echinacea and Eucalyptus to soothe respiratory distress, reduce inflammation and open the nasal passages; and Ginger and Tea Tree Oils and Willow Bark Extract to relieve muscle soreness, fatigue, congestion and fevers. All the scents are natural, and no artificial colours are added inside. To use, just add 4-6 capfuls to a tub of hot water, then soak for 15-20 minutes. If you don’t have a bathtub (no one in the NYLON office does), put a lesser amount in a pail of steaming water, breathe in and rinse slowly with it.

Plantation Essential Oil Shower Gel — Heal & Protect
$39 from Beauty Emporium

This best seller taps on the healing powers of essential oils, including Cypress, which contains Camphene, a strong antiseptic that quickens the healing of wounds and infections; Lemon, a known cleansing agent; and Peppermint, that relieves pain and eases digestive issues.

VitaJuwel Water Bottle
$150-$276 from Beauty Emporium

The VitaJuwel website’s selling phrase goes: “Structure your water with crystals, for better absorption into your body.” Whether you believe their philosophy or not, this is a very pretty bottle. And if these crystals do indeed make our water magically better (healthier and tastier), or even if they act as a placebo, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you makes you happy, it can’t be bad. And we all need some extra happiness during this global epidemic.

Wild Products Essential Oil Myrrh
$34 from

Thieves oil sold out? No problem — get Myrrh instead. This ancient oil is also famous for its healing properties; according to the Sephora page, it is “highly effective against excessive mucus in the lungs and can help to ease colds, coughs, sore throats and bronchitis when diffused into the air and inhaled.” Also, “when applied directly to the skin, myrrh can be used to treat boils, ulcers, bedsores, chapped and cracked skin, ringworm, eczema and athlete’s foot.” And finally, it “promotes menstrual health, relieves period pain and eases difficult labour in childbirth.” Sounds damn good. There are also a bunch of other oils under the brand, which all claim serious health benefits. No harm checking them out as well. 

Aesop Mouthwash
$33 (500ml) from look

When we think “mouthwash”, most likely Listerine or Dettol come to mind. I’m not a fan of either brand because they feel really harsh in the mouth, and I think they taste terrible. Also, a strong mouthwash can actually cause more harm than good; with constant and overuse, it can kill beneficial bacteria in the mouth (helpful microbes), which protect against obesity and diabetes among other things. Aesop’s version is undoubtedly far more luxe (and expensive), but aids oral hygiene with a safer blend of Clove Bud, Anise and Spearmint Leaf, which will not disturb the mouth’s natural balance.