Everything You Need To Know About Health & Wellness With Healing Crystals

I have personally always been a fan of semi-precious crystals. Not so much because I believe all of their pseudoscientific miracle properties, but simply for the fact that they are beautiful to look at and interesting to know about. Of course, given that I already have a foot in this potentially nonsensical wellness abyss, it’s no surprise that I would consume material elaborating on what each crystal I have in my bedroom can do for me. Logically, they won’t be any good as lifesaving advice, however, they make for great ice-breaking conversations when so required.

Like aforementioned, I am not actually Gwyneth Paltrow nor am I a huge believer of anything metaphysical devoid of tangible facts. But I also think we can be a lot less dismissive about other’s beliefs especially if they aren’t causing anyone harm (besides that dent in your wallet from purchasing the crystal products featured here maybe).


Celebrities like Miranda Kerr; supermodel and founder of KORA Organics, are ardent fans of crystals and their healing properties.


Today, it’s also kinda unavoidable for us to admit that crystals are sort of a big deal — especially since it is powered by the potent combination of social media pleasing aesthetics, a rise in acceptance for cosmic spirituality, celebrity endorsements, and the ever-booming wellness/ alternative medicine industry — they are now quite the global consumerism phenomenon.


On that note, founder of  illa nocte; a homegrown crystal store, Belicia Sun has this to say on the booming popularity of crystal healing:

People are constantly on the search for something to believe in or some sort of reassurance and a direction to take in life. We have all been so wrapped up in technology and the urban landscape that it now seems that we are craving to reconnect back to what Mother Nature has to provide for us.

The surge in awareness in caring for what’s left of our natural environment, a decrease in the general population of millennials’ faith in religion, and the idea that wellness is beyond the absence of sickness contribute as factors to it’s rising popularity. In the process, many of those who hold strong beliefs in crystals and their healing properties, or have used them in meditation often find relief when healing or treating themselves from their personal struggles.

That being said, crystals should never be used in place of a cure from professional doctors. For naysayers of crystals and their healing properties, they can always just appreciate crystals as a form of talisman or good luck charm. For all we know, the positive attributes of a placebo effect might be all we need to seek positivity, and function as a friendly reminder for all of us to constantly chase our best selves. In that case, then I think it’s worth anyone’s time to give it a try!


Sold as a vital component in a huge range of products, from lamps, vaginal eggs, facial massagers, or tangentially in beauty serums and creams, there’s quite possibly a crystal for every occasion. Unofficial crystal aficionado; Kim Kardashian, reportedly relied on crystal healing too, in her process of recovery from her much-publicised Paris robbery.

So let’s open up our minds and embrace this beautiful placebo and all the healing they can supposedly do. Because sometimes, our equally questionable home remedies just don’t seem to work when making ourselves feel better. And if you know someone that will instinctively shut you down for liking crystals, then try asking them why they insist on having diamonds when it comes to their matrimonial jewellery. That’ll shed some light on their hypocrisy no?




  1. GLACCE – Amethyst Bottle – Purple
  2. Percossi Papi – Gold-plated And Enamel Multi-stone Ring
  3. illa nocte – Amethyst Heart Talisman with Amethyst Orbs
  4. GLACCE – Amethyst Glacce Straw
  5. illa nocte Amethyst Dangle Earrings
  6. Pomellato – M’ama Non M’ama 18-karat Rose Gold, Diamond And Amethyst Ring
  7. illa nocte – Amethyst Towers

Ever been in someone’s house or a crystal store and find a random giant amethyst geode in a corner of the room? Amethyst helps to rid negative vibes within an undetermined field of influence in an enclosed space, while also keeping ‘energy vampires’ at bay. It is super high-vibration — which means that its properties are supposedly very potent, in addition to being super pretty. And if you need help tapping deeper into your intuition and/ or connecting yourself to higher planes of existence, then this purple crystal is exactly the thing you need.

How to incorporate amethyst and its properties into your daily life? Try dropping it into your water bottle (or simply buy one that comes with an amethyst tower in it) and drink that wholesome water. Just make sure that you’ve cleaned the crystal thoroughly and it’ll be absolutely ready to be safe for drinking.


Clear Quartz


  1. KORA Organics By Miranda Kerr – Clear Quartz Luminizer
  2. GLACCE – Clear Quartz Glacce Straw
  3. Anne Manns – Eila Silver Quartz Earring
  4. Harris Zhu – 14-karat Gold, Crystal Quartz And Diamond Necklace
  5. Harris Zhu – 14-karat Gold Multi-stone Earrings
  6. illa nocte – Clear Quartz Orbs
  7. GLACCE – Clear Quartz Bottle
  8. illa nocte – Clear Quartz Crystal Ball


Clear quartz is known as the master key that heals pretty much all of your life’s worries. It also amplifies the energy, thoughts, and vibrations of other crystals so they can serve you better. On its own, it’s often used for making you the best version of yourself, great for when you need to nail the first impression on a date, social gathering, or job interview. To experience the spiritual awakening that clear quartz brings, all you have to do is wear them as jewellery close to the body to reap its bountiful benefits. Bonus points if they’re worn as necklaces or earrings as they will align with the chakra points where they flourish best.




  1. GLACCE – Black Obsidian Bottle
  2. Susanne Kaufmann – Obsidian Face Roller
  3. illa nocte – Obsidian Skull and Tower
  4. xASTRAYAx – Snowflake Obsidian Bracelet
  5. Mars Alouette – Solar Ring with Obsidian
  6. Black Smith Workshop – Obsidian Ring
  7. Stoixeio – Jewelry Silver Obsidian Ring
  8. illa nocte – Obsidian Talismans


Obsidian represents the root chakra and is commonly used as a conduit for protection from adversity, keeping you grounded, and to increase focus on all-important practical matters. When worn as a ring or bracelet, they can help anchor erratic energies, bring more balance to your life, and clear your mind of fears and distractions.


Rose Quartz


  1. GLACCE – Rose Quartz EVE Meditation Stone
  2. COVER FX – Rose Quartz + Defense Crystal Infused Elixer Mist 60ml
  3. Angela Caglia – Vibrating Rose Quartz Face Sculpting Roller
  4. GLACCE – Rose Quartz Bottle
  5. GLACCE – Rose Quartz Glacce Straw
  6. Harris Zhu – Gold Rose Quartz Bracelet
  7. KORA Organics By Miranda Kerr – Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor
  8. Larkspur & Hawk – Sadie Rhodium-dipped Quartz Earrings
  9. Herbivore Botanicals – Gua Sha Rose Quartz
  10. Sydney Evan – Mini Heart 14-karat Rose Gold, Quartz And Diamond Bracelet
  11. Sephora Collection – Rose Quartz Facial Roller
  12. Mount Lai – The De-Puffing Rose Quartz Eye Massage Tool

Rose quartz promotes positive energy and enhances all types of love: self-love, love for others, and unconditional love. This mighty pastel-pink powerhouse raises self-esteem, restores confidence, helps with emotional balance, and releases stress and tension. One of its most popular uses is to make a mystical love spray with it (highly recommended for those going through the trauma of a nasty breakup, results may vary).

To begin, you’ll have to cleanse a sage-smoked rose quartz crystal by placing it in a glass bowl of filtered water under direct sunlight for the entire duration of a day. Then, pour the crystal-charged water into a mister bottle along with 22 drops of argan oil (jojoba or almond oil would work fine as well), and 11 drops of rose oil. Why the specific number of oil drops is a mystery but if done correctly, this mixture will make for a nice pick-me-up in the love department when you spritz yourself with it.  In addition to all the rosy metaphysical goodness that it brings, the rose oil in your love spray will also be hugely beneficial for your complexion.


Smoky Quartz


  1. LaBoboa – Smoky Quartz Cluster
  2. Andrea Fohrman – Mini Cosmo 14-karat Gold, Smoky Quartz And Diamond Earrings
  3. The Healing Hippies – Smoky Quartz Crystal Necklace
  4. GLACCE – Smoky Quartz Bottle


Smoky quartz is a neutraliser of negative vibes and aids in detoxifying at all levels. It helps to prompt the elimination of negative substances in the digestive system while protecting you from radiation and electromagnetic smog. For the layman, what this means is that it will disperse fear and alleviate depression when your mood takes a nosedive. By doing so, you can look forward to emotional serenity, assistance in communication difficulties, and dissolve all your bodily aches and pains. It is known to be particularly beneficial for the reproduction system, heart muscles and nerve tissues. Remarkably, this crystal will also provide aid for those quitting smoking, so keep this in mind if you know someone who needs it. All you have to do is carry a polished smoky quartz crystal in your everyday bag to reap all its benefits.



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