YSL Beauty’s Latest Collection Is Inspired By Your Favourite Milk Tea

Admit it — like many of us, we’re all sworn lovers of boba. We’d twitch at any mention of it especially now that we’re (sort of) deprived of getting our fix thanks to the temporary closure of our favourite bubble tea shops. It seems as if the milk tea that we’ve been constantly consuming have replaced the blood in our bloodstreams.

But as we scour through our options to satisfy our cravings, fans of milk tea will be thrilled to know that YSL Beauty has set up something really special to sate your tastebuds.

YSL Beauty introduces its new YSL Beauty Milk Tea Shop

This season, the cult beauty brand is setting up its first-ever YSL Milk Tea Shop. You read that right. Your favourite beauty brand and your favourite drink are joining forces to bring you a special collection to satisfy your sweet cravings.

The YSL Beauty Milk Tea is inspired by the brilliant sweet hues of milk tea flavours.

Inspired by the brilliant sweet hues of your favourite milk tea flavours, the collection finds twelve new shades of the brand’s iconic lipsticks. Think — candy, latte and spicy milk tea shades that dress your pout while making them oh-so-kissable — you’d find it hard to resist.

Within the collection, YSL Beauty presents their YSL Beauty Milk Tea collection in their iconic Rouge Pur Couture bullet which sees 3 new shades, while its Vernis À Lèvres Vinyl Cream packs a punch with 4 new shades. Last but not least — their signature Rouge Volupté Shine that we all know and love — which explores 3 experimental new hues in the collection.

L — R: The collection sees new shades for the brand’s signature Rouge Volupté Shine, Rouge Pur Couture and Vernis À Lèvres Vinyl Cream lipsticks.


#147 Rose Caraco
#149 Nu Voluptueux
#148 Beige Oversize


#139 Beige Crémeux
#140 Nu Latte
#141 Pumpkin Explosif


#432 Nude Amplifier
#433 Beige Remastered
#434 Orange Performance
#435 Pumpkin Remix


The YSL Beauty Milk Tea Rouge Pur Couture (3 new shades) ($52), Rouge Volupté Shine (3 new shades) ($52),  Vernis À Lèvres Vinyl Cream (4 new shades) ($52) are available online from 22 May at TANGS and METRO.