Coffee-Based Beauty Products That Will Give Your Routine A Boost

For some, coffee is a simple pick-me-up to get their day going. For others, their daily cup of joe is a necessity — it’s more of a lifestyle than a simple beverage. For all coffee fans out there who can’t live without it, we’ve rounded up a few coffee-based products that smell great, are kind to your skin and will leave you craving for your favourite coffee order.

Frank Body

1. Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub ($25)
2. Frank Body Express-o Coffee Scrub ($30)
3. Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub ($28)
4. Frank Body Peppermint Coffee Scrub ($28)

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of coffee-based beauty is Frank Body’s range of coffee scrubs. Free from PEGs, parabens and phthalates, these scrubs are made from 100% natural ingredients, featuring finely ground coffee as a gentle but effective exfoliant. Targeting breakouts, scars and marks on the skin, adding these to your shower routine will get you glowing in no time.

If you’re already a fan of the original scrub, try out the Coconut Coffee Scrub for extra hydration, which also contains vitamin E that soothes the skin after sun exposure. The peppermint variant also fights acne and contains anti-bacterial aloe vera.


1. Beigic Correcting Exfoliator ($65)
2. Beigic Treatment Lotion ($75)
3. Beigic Regenerating Oil ($89)

Korean beauty brand BEIGIC is now available in Singapore, and their coffee-based products are the newest additions to their selection. Their Correcting Exfoliator smells amazing, and exfoliates the skin without any irritation — perfect for those with more sensitive skin. Featuring ingredients like roasted coffee powder, vitamin E and Peruvian green coffee oil, the scrub strengthens and encourages skin regeneration while providing you with clean, glowing skin.

If you’re not the biggest fan of coffee but you still want to enjoy the benefits of  green coffee oil, their Treatment Lotion and Regenerating Oil are your best bet. Green coffee oil is filled with vitamin E and acts as a great defence against dryness, ageing and sagging skin, while increasing cell renewal. Their Regenerating Oil in particular is super lightweight, and absorbs quickly into the skin, tightening pores and reducing hyperpigmentation. On the other hand, their Treatment Lotion balances the skins pH levels and even helps to relieve minor skin irritation, perfect to prep the skin.

The Body Shop

1. The Body Shop Spa of the World™ Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream ($56)
2. The Body Shop Guarana and Coffee Energising Cleanser For Men ($20)
3. The Body Shop Nicaraguan Coffee Intense Awakening Mask ($35)

The Body Shop is no stranger to natural ingredients, and they have incorporated Ethiopian and Nicaraguan coffee into their coffee-based line. Made to be used all over the body, their firming Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream is enriched with caffeine and Italian olive oil, leaving the skin feeling firmer and smoother. For a boost of energy in the morning, try their Intense Awakening Mask, which warms and exfoliates the skin, clearing any impurities and waking the skin up for the day.

Their coffee line also features an Energising Cleanser, enriched with Brazilian guarana and organic aloe vera on top of Ethiopian green coffee. The gel foams into a light lather, which leaves the skin feeling cleansed and energised.

Eye Serums

1. The Inkey List Caffeine Under-Eye Serum ($18)

While not necessarily coffee products per se, these caffeine-filled serums have been made to brighten the under-eyes, reducing dark circles and puffiness. Because caffeine helps to relieve water retention, massage a couple drops of these under the eyes in the morning before going through your usual makeup routine. If you’re going for a more natural look, these serums are also great to use on their own.


1. Maison Margiela REPLICA Coffee Break Eau De Toilette ($170)

If you’re a coffee addict, why not smell like the beverage you love the most? Maison Margiela’s line of REPLICA fragrances were created to invoke the familiar scents of specific moments, and their Coffee Break Eau de Toilette is no different. When you walk into your favourite coffee shop, you immediately catch a whiff of fresh, creamy coffee — now imagine being able to carry that comforting scent around all day.